Episode 171: Interview with Astra Of the Shamanic Empowerment School

Astra is a Biz Wisdom Visionary, Soul-Soaring Messenger and Animal Healer/Channel.

She supports you in stepping fully into your power so you can:

  1. A) Be the best, most empowering Wisdom Leader possible for your Tribe!
  2. B) Live your happiest, healthiest and wealthiest life!
  3. C) Embrace and enjoy your most relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant Messenger biz platform!

I have run my own vibrational healing businesses since 2003.

She’s been facilitating M.A.P. Work™ (M.A.P. = Money, Abundance, Prosperity) with my clients since 2006.

She’s been a practicing shaman since 2006 and an online coach since 2011, specializing in money mindset and visibility for spiritual entrepreneurs.

She has been (and still is!):

 A shaman and medium for several lifetimes

An Abundance Empowerment Coach since 2006

A Soul Biz Success Coach for Messengers since 2011

She has been connecting clients with their personal power since she started her first healing practice in 2003 as a flower essence practitioner. She also brought in her work with Animal Totems, and began creating Animal Totem Essences for my clients. Animal spirits are here on Earth to connect humans with our personal power


You are here to create and live the empowered life and biz of your dreams – and you CAN.

She soooo want this for you – and she is happy to share this special space with you now!

Learn More At: http://shamanicempowermentschool.com

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