Episode 179: Magical Time Management

Show Notes:

My Rules for Magical time management:

  1. Magick first
  2. Enlist Spirit Helpers
  3. Daily discipline
  4. Guiding question “What is my next Right action?”
  5. If something comes in mind that you DON’T want to do, do it now!


Your experiment for this week’s podcast:

  1. Create Your own list of Magical Time Management rules
  2. Include at least one metaphysical and one physical rule and a guiding question
  3. Follow your magical time management system as much as possible
  4. Reach and share how it goes


More explanation in the podcast.


Links from the show:

This is just a short Enneagram test I found from a quick google search. I haven’t taken this particular one and I know you can find others but this one does seem short and easy: https://enneagramtest.net


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