Episode 186: Magick 101: Your Daily Practice

Show Notes:

186. Magick 101: Your Daily Practice

Today we are going to talk about your daily magickal practice

f you are relatively new or want to establish a disciplined practice I believe starting small is the key-I often talk about having one core practice and that is always valid.

This is not hugely glamourous but there are two things I’d recommend that you need to know to start a daily magickal practice that will work for you.

1. What kind of meditation works for you and then commit to doing that every day. I have a blog how to find the right type of meditation for you and for premium members there is a whole meditation class which teaches tons of methods. Sorry, it’s not sexy but it’s true—meditation is the most important key to a magical life.
2. Add some type of enchantment or metaphysical daily practice. – I recommend, starting with ancestors, planetary deities, archangels, Animal guides, plant helpers or ancestors

Your experiment is:

1. Find a good meditation for you and do it every day the same-ish time
2. Find one other metaphysical being to work with and have a short daily practice devoted to that
That is enough to bring magick into your life if you do it as a regular practice.


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One Core Practice blog: https://dailyalchemy.com/change-your-life/

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My favorite “calling in the four directions” version: https://pin.it/5oyl7tskwhboog

Premium Members Meditation Class: https://www.dapmlab.com/courses/2579-meditation-alchemy

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