Episode 192: Three More Misconceptions about Magick

Show Notes:

I realized that I missed a crucial part of one of the misconceptions, so it’s discussed here in misconception one of this episode. So much of life and magick if filled with paradoxes and this is no different. From the last episode, the first misconception is that you have to believe but I also ended the episode by saying “it helps if you believe in Magick.” Ahh, yes! Beatrice Dalle has a tattoo that says “paradoxe, mon amour” and it’s one of the tattoos some has that I covet the most.


These misconceptions are even more important than the last three so give them a listen. I didn’t give you an experiment last time so pick one magical practice that you can’t believe in and give it a try. Then, send me a note and let me know how it went. We’ll figure this belief thing out once and for all.

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