Episode 200: Carolyn Elliott on Why Your Manifestation Practice Hasn’t Been Working

Show Notes:

Carolyn is one of my favorite occult teachers and in this episode shares her secrets on why your manifestation practice isn’t working. Don’t miss this episode because the technique she explains, Existential Kink, is simple and profoundly life-changing if you do it.


More info on Carolyn:

Dr. Carolyn Elliott is the author of Existential Kink: unmask your shadow and embrace your power, and the cult-favorite creativity book Awaken Your Genius.  Through her online programs, she’s helped thousands of people dramatically transform their lives using shadow integration and applied occult philosophy.  She leads the Game of Sovereigns Existential Kink coach training program, and speaks at events and conferences internationally.


Where to find Carolyn and buy her fabulous book:

Find out more about Carolyn and download the first three chapters of Existential Kink at: http://carolyngraceelliott.com

Buy Existential Kink here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2J6abAg  #amazonaffliatelink

Buy the delicious Existential Kink audiobook here on Audible: https://amzn.to/3983Xdx



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