Episode 208: Real People, Real Magick: Mela Borawski of 3 Rays of Light


Mela is a 48-year-old mother and wife, born and raised in the deep south. She has lived in South Carolina for most of her life. Mela has followed a pagan path for about 16 years, though only openly pagan in her community for about 5 years. She is an ordained pagan minister, and certified in hypnotherapy and spiritual coaching. She owns 3 Rays of Light, and recently started a witchy podcast called Belle, Book & Candle. She is a green hedgewitch, enjoying life on her homestead with her family, chickens, goats, and gardens.

We talked about so many magickal topics, including pantheism, past lives, past life regression, hedge witches and shamanism, everyday witchcraft, taking back prayer as pagan, hypnosis, toe readings—yes, toe readings, (it is as cool as it sounds) and so much more.

Mela is an amazing resource in the southern US witch community and you can work with her online from anywhere in the world. You can find her online at www.3raysoflight.org and on her Facebook page at /3raysoflight

Also, don’t forget to check out her podcast Belle, Book and Candle.


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