Episode 62: Manifesting through Mood swings

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Episode 62: Manifesting through Mood swings

Episode 62: Manifesting through Mood swingsDo you seem to have an up and down pattern to your moods?

Do you get angry with yourself that you can’t stay “up” and productive all month?

I used to do the same thing until I decided to work with my energy flow and then my moods softened because I knew that I was going to follow my bodies natural rhythm. Then, I began to find that this rhythm coincided with the cycle of the moon. This is the way I plan my months now. Some time for outer work and some time for inner work. Here’s a link to the lunar calendar I mentioned in the podcast: http://amzn.to/1HZsldH. You can download your free lunar planner at www.dailyalchemy.com/lunarplanner

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