EQ Magic

With school getting back in gear, it seems like I’ve been on a routine treadmill. I’ve missed the time I had with my kids during the summer. I have a habit of asking myself EQs, or effective questions, so I asked “How can I feel more connected with my family?” Once I do this I let go and forget it, and let the magic go to work.

The next day, my son asked me to play Bakugon with him and I took the opportunity and spent a nice half and hour or so playing with him and one of his sisters joined in. I had some nice conversations with my kids out of the blue. Then, my husband called a family movie night in our room on a school night. We all cuddled on the bed and laughed while we watched The Three Stooges. Finally, we were having dinner and talking and playing “Dinner Games” and my oldest daughter said “I love our family. We talk about intellectual things, but we know how to have fun too.” At that moment,  I not only felt more connected to my family, but I knew they felt connected to each other as well. Then, my son started the arm pit farting contest. Gotta love them!

In only a few moments a day, I was able to notice the connections I have with them and focus on that rather than the moments that aren’t quite so memorable, and it was a magical week.

For anyone not familiar with effective questions, I learned them from Lola Jones at www.divineopenings.com. Noah St. James does something similar with his Afformations program.  Just ask the questions you want answers to.  Like “How could this be the best week of my life so far?” or “Wouldn’t it be fun to experience something new, exciting and fun this week?” Here’s to a great week ahead!