Even Atheists Need a Ministry

picture of woman with laptop computer sending kisses and hearts

You need a ministry.

Whether you are Catholic or Muslim.

Whether you are religious or spiritual.

Everyone needs a ministry, even atheists.

What is a ministry?

A ministry is how you called to serve in the world. A ministry is the passion that makes you jump out of  bed in the morning, excited to take on the day. When you are connected to your ministry, you are in the flow of life and good comes to you effortlessly. At their core,  all ministries are love.

It is the vessel through which we pour our love into the world. It doesn’t matter what our ministry is. It matters how it makes us feel. If it opens our hearts then not only are we doing good in the world, we are creating magic in our lives. It becomes one massive upward spiral. You create goodness in the world and you get more goodness back. On and on. The beautiful part is you pour love into your ministry because it brings you joy. You don’t even focus on getting something back from it but you always do. And it’s better than you can even imagine.

How Do I Find My Ministry?

This is the easy part. Open up your eyes and look around you. It’s all around you. Your family members, you co-workers, the checkout lady at the grocery store. They are all part of your ministry.

“Well, I want a bigger calling,”  you say. “I want a larger ministry.”

Start where you are send out your special brand of love to everyone you meet and you’ll attract a ministry that brings you even more joy. You might be called to help animals. I know so many loving souls who tend to rescue animals. It is their ministry and they bring much love to the world through that work.  You might be called to help people overcome addictions. You might be called to bring more beauty into the world through art or music. You might be called to show children how to love life. It’s not the how that is important just as long as it lights you up.

Just remember, a ministry is different from a job. It is you spreading love to the world. You don’t have to have your dream job to do it. You don’t even have to have a job. You can interact with the people that you meet in a way that intentionally spreads love. You are your ministry. Once you line up with love inside yourself, it will naturally start to come across in all that  you do in the world. It doesn’t matter if someone else is doing the same things you are. Your unique resonance is needed. Your ministry is special. Whether you reach out to one person or one million, the ripples of your ministering spread out and make a bigger impact than you know.

How To Grow Your Ministry

Give where you are. I started this blog for two reasons: to attract potential reader to my future books and to share my beliefs about how to have a magical life. As time goes by the second reason becomes so much more important than the first. I’d still like people to buy my books, but I know that my real joy comes from spreading love and magic. So I focus on pouring love into my blog, sending reiki to my Facebook page, and not just 140 characters, but love, through my tweets. Then, I remember that my first ministry is the people who are there when I look around and they need my ministering most of all.

So spread your joy wherever you go. If you aren’t happy, consider it a public service to focus on creating a happy life. Remember, you don’t have to say a word to minister. You can do it just by being an example of living joyously. In fact, most people don’t want to be told how to get happy, they just want to feel loved. You can do that for other people and most of you can do it for yourself.

What is your ministry? Are you giving it the attention it deserves?


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