Fall in Love With Your Body in 30 Days

Do you think you can hate your body into being a joyful

place for your soul to live?


Surely not! That doesn’t even sound logical when I put it bluntly like that.


However, there really is an easy way to fall in love with your body.


You just decide to

Every day

And then you notice the beauty of her

You treat her with tender loving care

You feed her food that feels divine

You move her in ways that feel delicious 

You care for her like a Queen 


Fear says you must punish the body

Starve it

Overexert it

Push it to its limits 

Fear is a fucking liar


Your body will not come to life from being brow beaten

Your body will not glow from within

From crazy diets 

Your body will not get powerful 

From hours of workouts that you hate


The only satisfying relationship with your body is one based in love

So drop the fear

And begin relating to your body with love


It doesn’t mean you won’t exercise

It doesn’t mean you won’t follow a eating plan

It certainly design mean you’ll skimp on your self-care 


It means you will do things for your body from a place of love and alignment

A place of knowing that you know what your body needs and making it a daily habit to make its needs a priority 

Not to get an outcome 

But as a gift of adoration to your amazing body


It’s Magick 

Body Love Alchemy and we’ve just started a new live round in the Premium Member’s Lab!

We all thrive when immersed in love

And that includes your body

Loving your body will make you manifest more?

Yes, loving your body will make it easier to manifest more of all the things you desire in your life. I beat around the bush a little bit in this video but the fact is when you fall in love with your body you are in alignment with the universe, which also adores your body!

It’s true! The universe adores absolutely everything about you including your body and when you are in agreement with source, it’s just easier to manifest what you want. Not to mention, you aren’t wasting any energy worrying about your thighs.

This simple fact is reason enough for me to teach Body Love Alchemy 2.0.

There is no person on this planet who isn’t beautiful. Some of us aren’t attractive at this moment but that comes from energy, not looks. When you adore your body and allow your energy to come through it makes creating the life of your dreams so much easier.

Body Love Alchemy will run live starting on September 1st through September 30th. It’s going to 30 delicious days of learning to fall in love with our bodies. It won’t all be easy for sure. There will be some deep work happening in this group.
Week 1 will focus on Acceptance–This is where we do the work to love our body exactly as it is now. This will include physical as well as metaphysical work. It will likely be the hardest week but it will lay the foundation for the rest of the month.
Week 2 will Focus on Forgiveness–This one can be tricky, too. This is where we forgive others who belittled our appearance and made us feel less than. Guess who is usually at the top of that list? Ourselves! Self-forgiveness is key when we take the next steps to fall in love with our physical beings.
Week 3 will focus on Unconditional Nurturing–now things get fun. We get to feel all the feels for our bodies as we give it massive amounts of care and love physically and metaphysically and create a plan for making nurturing ourselves an ongoing part of our lives.
Week 4 will Focus on Embodiment--This is the week where we have the joyful task of stepping up and embodying the persona we choose to be in the body we have now. We bring it together knowing that we can be sexy, confident, and strong in our amazing bodies right now!!!
I’m shaking with excitement to do the work in this course and share it with you and the only way to get in is to purchase the Daily Alchemy Premium Member’s Lab.
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