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My oldest daughter and I went vegan for a week last week. We have dabbled with vegan and vegetarian eating over the years. My longest stint was about 4 years as a mostly vegetarian before my twins were born.  I ate some fish and animal products, but no other meat. There are many reasons that I lean toward a vegan diet; the health benefits, less cruelty to animals and less of an impact on our planet. It seems like a no brainer. but I have often crashed and burned when I attempt to go vegan.  This time I decided to lean into it and just do the best I could and I ended up eating 95% vegan and totally vegetarian without too much struggle. My daughter was much more strict with herself and ended up in tears by our last day.

Our family travels a good bit and eats out more than most, plus my husband is firmly in the meat-eater camp, so sometimes we are limited in our choices. I don’t want to make up a story about how it is hard for us to be vegan because of these situations. I know it can get easier. I’ve done this before.

How I found my feel-good about  recycling:

I try to love my planet and everyone on it and it doesn’t feel good to me to approach taking care of our planet from a place of fear, so  I approach it from a place of love. For a long time I wanted to recycle. I started collecting and sorting recyclable objects, but I would rarely take them to the recycle center and my husband would get frustrated by the mess and dump them in the trash. It was becoming a source of contention. I always committed to taking the items more often, but it didn’t happen.  I decided that not recycling was better than feeling bad about trying to recycle.

I let go of actually recycling and just took the time to build up good thoughts about recycling and noticed other’s who were doing it well. I decided to do any little, easy step I could without setting myself up for failure. I used reusable grocery bags and I was careful about recycling in restaurants, etc. Then I decided to ask myself some magic questions to get my subconscious working on goal.

One of my favorite alchemical processes is asking magic questions. I love it so much that I post a magic question everyday that can be delivered to your in-box or found on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Magic Questions are questions that you don’t necessarily need to answer but they give you subconscious something positive to focus on and often the answers seem to show up as if by magic.

Some magic questions I asked myself about recycling:

What if recycling became simple?

What if I didn’t have to sort it and haul it to the recycling center?

What if I paid someone else to recycle for me?

What if it were as easy as taking out the trash?

Shortly after I started asking myself these questions and attempting to feel better about the subject of recycling, our town implemented a recycling program. All I had to do was go down to the city hall and purchase a special trash can for $25 and put all of my recyclable items in it and put it out with our regular trash pick up and that was it. I love it! I enjoy playing the game of trying to make sure that our recyclable can is fuller than my regular can and some weeks it’s twice as full. Our garage is no longer littered with items waiting to be recycled plus our city makes money on the program that benefits the people who live in our city. Double Win!

I’ve decided to implement this strategy with healthier eating. I’ll share some of the questions I’m asking myself to give you a model for using it for any subject that you don’t feel like you have all the answers to.  Magic Questions can lead you to finding your own feel good, which often leads to tangible results.


Magic Questions to Find Your Feel Good about Vegan Eating:

What if more restaurants started to serve vegan foods?

What if my favorite restaurants decided to add a vegan section to their menus?

What if new ways of getting meat for meat-eaters were found that were better for our planet?

What if more people ate vegan?

What if I decided to enjoy eating in the best way available to me now?

What if being thankful for my food now leads to better options later?

What if I could affect the vibration of my food before I eat it?

What if an easy option for eating vegan appeared?

What if I trusted that the perfect food is always available to  me?

What if meat eaters are right about their needs? What if vegans are also right about their needs?  What if there are many different diets that work best for different people? What if we could meet everybody’s needs in a way that not only didn’t harm but helped our planet?

What if I can find easy ways to “lean into” veganism, such as eating vegan at home, but choosing the best feeling option available while traveling?

What if all kinds of food can benefit my body?

What if I let food choices be easy?


For now I’m “leaning” into vegan eating and focusing on choosing my best feeling option at the time. I don’t personally like to have rules and one of the rules I posted in the past about eating is that I only I eat things I like. I’ve found that I tend to eat “better” anyway If I’m not resisting a list of rules about how I should eat.

If you are interested in eating vegan or cooking some vegan meals, one of our readers here has created a fabulous new vegan recipe blog and she has some really yummy options to try at Vee’s Easy Vegan. Go check it out. She has a recipe for wonderful banana bread. You won’t know how good it is for you!

If you have any changes you are trying to make that feel difficult, I recommend taking the little steps you can right now and focus on what feels good about the situation now. Then, ask yourself some magic questions to get your subconscious working on it for you. Set intentions that you will find fun, easy solutions. Relax and let them come to you.

  • Marcia says:

    Hi, great post. I’ve used “What if” and “Wouldn’t it be nice if” questions in my journal and it always helps me.

    I’m working on eating/health now so I really liked your food questions. My favorite is: What if I let food choices be easy? Thanks for that!

  • Vicki says:

    Michelle…THANK YOU for mentioning my new blog. I am honoured and feel so blessed to know you from far away. I learn so much from you 🙂

    You pose interesting questions. I always lean towards what my body wants. For me for reasons of health, ethics, environment that is vegan. I also firmly believe that what I eat affects the vibration in my body. If I eat plant based I can feel my vibration raise by not getting bogged down with fear and stress of eating a once living, sentient being or over processed garbage full of chemicals.

    You and your daughter tried and this is key. I started the blog to show people that vegan can be easy regardless of if you are 100% vegan or 50%. An apple is vegan, a green salad with oil and vinegar is vegan, juicing is vegan. All easy to do and healthy. I try not to preached about going vegan rather gently encourage people to make subtle shifts in their diet while doing what feels right for them.

    • Vicki says:

      Oh I wanted to mention the blog URL one more time for people who may be interested.

    • Vicki, I also agree that what we eat has vibrations and effects the vibration of our body, so that is definitely one of my focuses when I chose what to eat. I know that how I feel about it creates vibrations in my body too, so I want to find a way of eating that involves food with high vibrations and that creates high vibrational thoughts in my mind. I’m sure it will all come together.
      I know myself well enough to know that when I make something a rule, I want to break it. This time when I told myself I didn’t have to be perfect and I could eat something off-diet at a restaurant if I wanted too, I ended up following the diet except for a bite of my husband’s pasta with alfredo sauce. It was so much easier for me to do when I gave myself an out if I needed it. Before if I had taken the one bite, I would have deemed that project a failure and quit, so giving myself leeway actually helped me stick with it.

      One of the things I love about your blog is that the recipes are things that anyone could enjoy eating, vegan or not.


  • clorisstock says:

    Asking ourselves these magic questions definitely works. In regard to the vegan diet, try nutritional yeast. I love it on my vegetables (full of vitamin B!) Thank you, Michelle!

  • Michelle, my heart goes out to you. This is one area where LOA, or at least the principles that Abraham shares (just love your food), did NOT work for me. I went for my feel good and gained weight.

    I tried eating vegetarian, multiple times. I always ended up feeling foggy brained, wiped out, always hungry, and getting sick. Pretty soon, it seemed like no matter what I ate, I felt foggy, hungry, drained, had bad PMS, and kept gaining MORE weight despite exercising.

    Eating only the foods I loved created a problem because I was unaware I had an addiction to certain foods.Turns out all the foods I loved were foods I was addicted to…and were not good for me…and create a horrible cycle bad health and insatiable cravings.

    I did end up finding the perfect solution for me, but I only tried it because I was ABSOLUTELY SURE it wouldn’t work for me and had many escape plans in place! Basically, I was ‘going through the motions’ to prove it wouldn’t work for me…and yet, it worked!

    Like. A. Charm.

    Fog gone. Cravings gone. Feeling Satiated. Dropped 4 dress sizes while exercising less. Turns out, it has also healed my Adrenals, too, so the PMS and other symptoms went away. That was 2 years ago I made the switch and I’ve never looked back!

    But, according to LOA, this should never have worked for me considering my massive disbelief and the “oh, yeah, PROVE IT” vibe I was flowing! Go figure…

    Many blessings,

    • So Cool, Nancy! I’m glad you found the answer that works for you. I’ve had it happen several times that when I had given up in one area that’s when the solution appears. Maybe it’s because we’ve let go of resistance?

      I think there is more than one solution to healthy eating. I don’t foresee a world in which everyone is vegan or follows any one type of diet. I think diversity is good for us and different people have different needs. I have a friend who is from American Indian descent and when she tried to become vegetarian, she became very light headed and spacey. She found that she had to add back in deer meat and other wild game. She and her family hunted the food, which obviously doesn’t work for everyone, but they would ask the animals spirit for permission to kill it’s body before they killed it and follow the answer they received. My daughter loves to hunt and she does the same thing. I do not want to hunt, but I’ve made it a part of my blessing my food to thank the animal for it’s sacrifice and ask that any low vibrations be healed from the animal and the food before I eat it.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

      Blessings, Michelle

      • Michelle, I now eat Grass Fed meat/dairy and pastured eggs (no wheat/grain in the feed, which damages the digestive system of those animals) along with veggies, fruits and nuts from my local farmers. I thank and bless each animal and plant for their contribution to my health and well-being. This connection is sacred.

        Like you, I am not a hunter. When I was in college, my fiance was a bow hunter. We survived one year on venison from a deer he had killed. He sold the hide for money, when a taxidermist saw the antlers on the deer and suggested my fiance enter a contest for a free mounting. He won, and that deer hung on our living room wall. I can not count how many times I went to that deer and *thanked him* from my heart for his gift to us. Thinking about it still fills me with love and appreciation. To me, the plants and animals (including us) are part of the cycle of life.

        Many blessings,

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