Friday Night Magic

I experienced a wonderful little miracle last night. My husband and I run a heating and air conditioning company. Summer gets hectic for us and we ask all of our employees to work overtime.  It’s the nature of the industry. So, last night we had planned a “We Survived Summer” dinner with awards for our employees. I made reservations at a nice restaurant that I knew had large tables. We are a small company, but still getting a place for 10 people on a Friday night is not always easy. When we arrived, it seemed that I had accidentally made reservations at a different restaurant. It was a locally owned restaurant but there were three of them and I had called the wrong one. The restaurant where I made the reservations was over 30 minutes away. No way for us to all drive there in time, plus I didn’t want to ask our employees to do that.
So, first I got embarrassed and thought I should have know better. Then, I got a little worried that we would have to take then to eat Taco Bell.  Finally,  I decided to make it right and get happy and know that a solution was coming. My husband suggested I call a restaurant nearby that we love but that is smallish in size and always busy. Guess what? They could seat us right away. We got a quiet spot tucked in the room behind the bar. It was perfect! Quiet, so we could talk and give out awards and the food was fabulous! No waiting for a party of 10 on a Friday night? It’s magic, right?