The Magical Giving Game


Need to boost your spirits? Are you down in the dumps or feeling stuck?  Want an easy way to raise your spirits and get back into the flow of life? Here is one thing that always works for me:

The Magical Giving Game:

This is a very simple two-step giving game that never fails to make me happy.  Doing this always raises my vibration and when we raise our vibration good stuff happens like magic. I never do it with that expectation, but some of the best surprises of my life have happened after playing this game. Of course, when you give, only do it if you can feel good about it or it won’t serve either person well. I call it a game because I do it with a light-hearted feeling and make it fun.

Step 1: Decide what to give and find a person you can give it to anonymously. This is the fun of the magical giving game. The person won’t know who gave to them.  I like to choose people I don’t know to give to usually because I don’t have any stories about how they will receive it. Sometimes, I close my eyes and point to screen on a charity fund-raising site and give to the campaign my finger landed on.

We all have something to give.  The obvious easy choice is money and it’s very easy to give money online anonymously  through many giving websites, but sometimes money isn’t what works for you. You can always find an item you don’t need and freecycle it or you can pick flowers and put a bouquet on someone’s porch or hand it to a stranger. I intend to be guided to give the perfect gift to the perfect person.

Step 2: Imagine the receiver being blessed by your gift and send them an extra boost of love, prayers, or healing (whatever works for you). Then, let it go and go on with your day.

I find that there is so much joy in helping out someone when you don’t necessarily know what difference you made in their life, but I know that the times a stranger has selflessly given to me have touched my heart and uplifted me.

Online Giving Resources:

You always have something to give and all gifts are worthwhile, even if it’s just a smile. You never know what your kindness will mean to someone else.

Want to try another fun giving game? Check out Happy Money by Laina Buenostar and the simple two step giving formula she shares. It’s super easy, fun to do and it works.

If you have any links to great giving sites, please share them in the comments and I’d love to hear any great giving stories you’d care to share. To prove it, I’m giving away a bottle of Stress Away Essential Oil blend to one of my commenters during the month of March. This is my favorite oil. It has a wonderful lime and vanilla scent and I wear it as “happy” cologne. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around April 1st. Then the winner can e-mail me their mailing address to claim their prize. Watch this space as I’ll be changing up my give-aways this year. Some months it’ll be oils and maybe crystals and some months it will be some of my new products and classes that are coming soon!

Transforming through Love and Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins

  • Great post. I have found that giving changes everything. When we give without concern for what we get, we experience we feel great and all sorts of opportunities come. Thank you for the wonderful reminder and game to play.

  • Amy says:

    I have been dropping quarters in stores, parking lots, and placing them in areas where they can be found. A lot fun!

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