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Stop Seeking. Start Living.

I used to have shelves full of spiritual books and I kept buying more. I read and read and I hoped for a more spiritual, more connected life. I wanted to manifest a magical life. I wanted to actually feel connected. I wanted to actually have the experiences I dreamed about. I wanted to have a happy relationship, be financially abundant, to travel, to write books, and spend enjoyable time with my family. I was tired of feeling frustrated. Reading books and attending workshop after workshop and not seeing results. I kept looking for the technique that would be the answer to my problems.

Life Changed When I Stopped Seeking.

Now, our family can easily pay our bills and travel to places like Italy and Mexico. We live in our dream home and spend our free time relaxing by our pool, playing basketball, walking on the nearby trails and enjoying each others company. My husband and I set our own schedules and work for ourselves. We have the life that most people desire. For me, there’s more. I don’t have to feel guilty taking the time to meditate and engage in spiritual practices that bring me joy. I now know that those practices not only make me feel blissful and relaxed but most of the good in my life comes as a result of my spiritual practice combined with inspired action.

I’ve Stopped Looking for the Answer.
I’m Living the Answer and You Can, Too!

I’ll help you create a spiritual life that not only fits into your daily routine but enhances your life and creates more magic, bliss and ease without having to go live in a cave and meditate for 8 hours a day. Spirituality should be integrated into our lives, not a separate activity that we try to make time to complete.

We don’t need to feel guilty that we haven’t done enough “spiritual practices.” Spirituality can be woven into our lives in a way that adds more depth to everything we do and helps us live not only the life of our dreams but dream of a life beyond what we can imagine until we raise our vibrations and see from a new perspective.

If you are truly serious about your spiritual growth but have felt like there was something missing in your attempts and understanding of the many ways to go about it -this work is for you. Michelle takes you directly to the point of all your pursuits in a direct and no nonsense way. After reading this you will know exactly what you need to do. Then how to do it will flow. Thanks Michelle for being a beacon of light.

Alchemy Student

Magic in Minutes. Awesome to hear such a positive voice in the world. Loved the story about two cooks using the same recipe but getting different results…so if we can raise our personal vibe, life can immediately get better even though nothing else changes right away. Will definitely make this podcast part of my vibe-raising.

Alchemy Student

I can help you create a life you love!

The Gold Life Lab offers both practical and mystical results.

You can:

  • Add Meaning to Your Life with Spiritual Practice
  • Use Simple Experiments in Your Daily Routine to Create Major Shifts
  • Discover and Use Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Exude Peace and Live from A Space of Love
  • All While Meeting Your “Outer” World Goals Faster Than Ever Before

Life Doesn’t Have to Be One or the Other.

Your Outer “Real World” Life and Your Inner Spiritual Life
Can Both Be Rich and Fulfilling!

The Gold Life Lab is right for you if you desire to…

  • Create a Spiritual lIfe that Gives Real World Results
  • Connect with like-minded people who use the Law of Attraction and Daily Alchemy
  • Learn how to use Spiritual Tools such as Crystals, Pendulums and Altars
  • Get all your alchemy, law of attraction, and magick questions answered in detail
  • Have a place to find spiritual guidance and celebrate your achievements
  • Experience a more Magical Life

See what people are saying about the
Alchemy Academy and Gold Life Lab…

Debbie Herbert

This is the best little bit of money that I spend every month. I look forward to learning simple techniques that work and make my life better. I love the personal attention the teacher provides and interacting with a community of like-minded people. Lots of resources are also provided for more in-depth study if you so choose. Highly recommended!

I really feel like your help and great info has been so helpful for me. You are so helpful. We all go through crap times but your support to me has been great. It has helped even though I don’t always post. I could go on with so many examples of driftwood. Thanks for doing this!

What you’ll get as part of this Gold Life Bundle

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  • 10+ Courses with Immediate Access
  • A Private Facebook community to Connect with and get Support for your Spiritual Life
  • One New Lab Experiment per Month
  • Live Q & A's on Facebook Live Monthly
  • Group ReikI Healings and Group Energy for Your Intentions
  • Bonus Discounts on Courses

Get Instant Access To All Of The Following eCourses

You can do them at anytime.
If you have questions as you go along, you’ll be able to get your questions answered via email, the Facebook page and our bi-monthly group calls.

Pray Rain Journaling & Scripting Alchemy

Learn these techniques to create the life you love using Pray Rain Journaling & Scripting. Step by step instructions and samples to help you create your own practice that works for you.

Body Love

Want to feel at peace and in love with your own body? This course will give you practical steps to learn to love and be at peace with your body as it is.


Abundance is a vibration and you can learn to align with it. This course will teach you how to see, savor and create more abundance in your life.

Create Your Magical 2016

This course walks you through four steps to set yourself up for a wonderful, productive year. It’s updated every year and it doesn’t matter if it’s January or July, you can jump in at any time and start making changes in your life.

30 Day Money Manifesting Re-set

This course focuses on cleaning up your relationship with money and being the abundant person you desire to be now. It walks you through raising your vibration in 30 baby steps via one email a day or you can access all of the emails, videos and lessons at once if you choose.

Healing Alchemy

Have you always known that you are born to help others heal or just want to tap into the natural healing ability that we all possess? This course is a wonderful preview of the Reiki courses and is also a stand-alone beginning primer to learning to send healing energy yourself and others.

New Alchemist's Guide to Manifesting

This short course can be consumed in one setting but gives you an easy formula and steps to follow to begin manifesting experiences that you desire into your life.

Vibe Mixology

What If You Could Manifest the Life of Your Dreams by leveraging the vibrations in the world around you?

You’re mixing your vibrations with the vibrations around you every day. You might as well do it on purpose and improve your life.

30 Day Manifesting Re-set

If you’ve been practicing the law of attraction for a while and the techniques you’ve used have stopped working or never did work or if you’re brand-new to the law of attraction, this course is for you. It will give you baby steps to raise your vibration and help you manifest more good into your life. You’ll receive 30 daily emails or you can peek and go through them all at once if you want.

Angel Alchemy

Would you like to work with Angels, guides, spirit helpers or your higher self to become more joyful and experience more synchronicity and success? This course will give you easy techniques that work even if you don’t believe in Angels.

Meditation Alchemy

Feel like you can’t meditate or just don’t enjoy it? There are hundreds of ways to meditate and this course walks you through 12 different ways to meditate plus gives you resources on many more. It’ll guide you to find a way to meditate that you love and that gives you peace.

Radical Love Alchemy

Loving what feels unlovable in ourselves and others is a practice that brings great spiritual growth. This course walks your through three practices designed to open your heart to more unconditional love.

I am loving all of the reiki content–and all of your content, truthfully. I decided to join the Magical Life Manifest group after hemming and hawing and going back and forth with myself because your podcast became a staple of my days/weeks. Specifically, aside from the content resonating for me, your voice had (and has) the most calming effect on me. I think it’s your healing gift, really. I always felt like my energy levels had been recalibrated and soothed after listening to you. Have you heard that from others before?

Anyway, you are the best!

Salimah Perkins

Gold Life Lab
Bonus Details

You will get instant access to all the courses and you will get a link to join the Facebook Group and you will get access to all the contents long as you continue your monthly membership. When I add more bonuses or add a new classes or experiments to lab you will get access to that content as well.

No Refunds

This Gold Life Lab is a priced super low for all the content and you will get access to all current courses once you sign up with no waiting, therefore, I can’t offer refunds. You are welcome to leave the group by just not renewing the next month. Easy Peasy. However, as long as you a member, your monthly fee will never go up. If you leave and decide to rejoin later, it will be at the current rate.