Good Karma Magic

For the record, I don’t believe in karma. I think that we get what we believe or what we vibrate.  Still, in our house we will sometimes joke about how we have good karma or bad karma around a certain subject. For example, our family has good car karma. Our cars always run great and never seem to need repairs, just routine maintenance. There are some people you may know who seem to have bad karma in some areas of life. I have a friend who is always sick and always afraid getting sick.

I try to focus on the areas of life that are easy for me. In our house, we rave everyday about the things that are going well. I write in on most days about what is going right. If something isn’t going well, I’ll write about that also, but I mostly focus on what I want to get more of. I’ll make lists of areas in my life where my karma rocks.  Here’s my current list:

My cars always run properly and are a joy to drive.
Tests are easy for me to take and I always score well. My children have inherited this skill.
Our family is very healthy. We rarely have to go to the doctor or have any illnesses.
I easily maintain a healthy body weight without worrying about what I eat.
We easily pay off debts and we have plenty of money to live comfortably.
My writing submissions receive quick, positive responses.
My family always has my back.
Pregnancy and childbirth were easy for me. Even though I’m not doing that again. 🙂
I always find great employees effortlessly.
My husband and I get closer everyday. I love being married.

That’s a short list. I make these a lot during my daily writing. Sometimes, I list the same things over and over and then new things will crop up to add.  I make them to remember all I have going for me and to focus on what’s right in my world. I invite you to make your own list, but first I want to share a secret that I learned this from Jeannette Maw, creator of the fabulous Good Vibe University. When I make my list I sometimes add a few things in my list that are not yet part of my reality. Then when I read the list of all the wonderful things in my life, the manifestations that I’m creating now are already on it.  So a couple of the items on my list above are “in process” now but by putting them on the “done” list, I help my mind believe that I already have them.

I’d love to hear about any of the areas in your life that you have good karma and how you create more.