How I Embrace The Journey

winding roadI have 4 kids. Yes, my life is rich and full and sometimes really busy. Most people look at me with all four children in tow and say things like, “Well, aren’t your hands full.” or “Ones enough for me.” or “I remember those days, it’ll get better.” Here’s the thing though, I love these days. I really do. I won’t say I don’t have moments of stress and freak-outedness but for the most part my days are exactly the way I want them to be.

This past weekend, on Friday, we spend the better part of the day rehearsing for and then participating in our homeschool academies Spring Showcase. Because the showcase overlapped with the beginning of girl scout camp, I chose to get up early on Saturday morning and spend 4 hours  roundtrip driving my daughters to the camp. On the way back down the treachorus winding mountain, I found myself stuck in the middle of a bike race and at least 2000 bikers were heading up a hill I was trying to go down. Once I got out of that traffic jam my son promptly puked all over the back of my car and I barely made it back in time to pick up my oldest daughter from her volunteer job.

When I share this story with people they sympathize but I was not unhappy at all, in fact, I was feeling pretty darn blissful through the whole weekend. This is why I call my blog, Daily Alchemy. I have found the secret to enjoying the twists and turns of daily life. I don’t always do it and I can get as cra-cra and stressed out as anyone else but I know what to do to avoid it and most of the time I do it. I just embrace the journey.

Personal alchemy and spiritual practice changes every thing and nothing. You still have situations to deal with and although spiritual growth may lead you to totally change how and where you live you life, you still exist in a physical reality that has certain demands. However, when you are in a high vibration you can easily meet those demands and still enjoy life.

I know that logically it doesn’t make sense that spending 10 minutes of my day in daily spiritual practice could change the way that my day goes but it does. Some days I’m certain it changes everything and other times, I’m certain that it changes nothing except how I feel about circumstances and dear one, that is everything!

We may think we want life to be smooth and always easy but we really want the journey. We want the adventure of getting trapped in the middle of a bike race, of being there for our child when they feel rotten, of knowing that we don’t always know how everything will come together but it will. Life is stories and if nothing happens there is no story. There is a special magic however, to be able to be present for this process and to soak up the moments even when part of you is losing it.

It sounds odd I know, but I really haven’t gone off the deep end. You can be present in your life and part of you can watch yourself have a meltdown and think “how interesting is that.” I find that I can experience life in one of 3 ways:

1. I can totally enjoy what-is even when it might look crazy from the outside.

2. I can allow part of me to experience the wild ride of emotions while another part of me thinks that the experience of all those emotions adds a richness and fulfillment to life even as a part of me is sitting on the sidewalk crying or hiding in the bathroom pulling out my hair. The “watcher” part of me can be aware and know that this contrast will bring later joys and authentic growth.

3. I can just sink into pain and suffering and totally lose connection with my higher self.

I experience all three but my goal is to spend more of my time in the first two options. Totally enjoying life is wonderful but I do find that occasionally feeling the full gamut of emotions makes the future bliss even more blissful. The last option is my least favorite so I focus on staying as present for life as I can.

What does it for me? What creates ease and snycronicity in my daily life? I believe the main thing is some form of meditation. For me, I just sit and feel the vibration of my body at least twice a day for 5 minutes. Your meditation could be more formal or it could be walking your dogs and being very present with what  you are doing. Anything that gives your brain a rest and at least gets it neutral will help you find solace in your daily life. Then, you will begin to enjoy what is and if you want to make changes they seem to happen almost magically.

This is one gift I wish I could share with everyone. Once you experience enjoying even the craziest moments of life, your life will change. You will know that you have the power to control your thoughts and emotions. You will know that you can enjoy life every day.

May all your days bring you fulfillment even and especially when you get caught on a winding mountain in the middle of a bike race with puke in your car.