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I recently connected with Julia Melges-Brenner, the editor of Kajama, one of the best spiritual websites on the internet. Julia is an ordained Spiritualist minister and a healer, while Kajama is a publication and site chock full of spiritual information and resources. There are horoscopes, psychic readings, spiritual tools, and tons of spiritual articles and fun interactive areas, including virtual tea leaf readings.

Here is an except from a post by Julia from Muse-net:

 Part IV: Becoming a More Deliberate Creator

The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts. – Charles Darwin

Following are some exercises or things to keep in mind as you begin to take more responsibility and control over what you attract into your life.

  1. Pay attention to your fantasies. Daydreams (and night dreams) and the themes that run through our minds are like the trailers to movies. They show us what we’re in the process of manifesting. If we’re daydreaming about how we’re afraid we’re going to not make our sales quota, or how we may lose that important case in court, it’s time to shift gears and begin imagining ourselves creating what we do want. If we’re daydreaming about choking our neighbor because her dog barks all night long, and because when we request help with the matter she’s rude, it’s wise to know that we’re likely to experience more negativity from that neighbor, even if we’re polite on the surface. Thoughts are things!
  2. Listen to yourself. Pay attention to your language. Especially watch yourself for phrases such as “I hope,” “I wish,” and “I’ve decided.” Also, watch for “buts.” The word “but” is used to contradict what was just expressed. Pay attention to how often you are talking about what you want, versus what you don’t want. Let go of what you don’t want, and shift to focusing on what you do.
  3. Try starting small. Imagine a small thing that you’d like to come to you. You’re far less likely to have resistance to creating this in your experience, and your beliefs are likely to be less challenged by a smaller desire. As you get good at this, you can aim higher and higher, for your belief in your ability to create in your own experience will expand. You might try playing with this a bit by choosing something whimsical. Over the years, as I’ve played a lot with manifesting, I’ve had some funny and amazing experiences. A really enjoyable thing to try to manifest is friendly people. After a surprisingly negative experience with a Canadian customs official at the beginning of a trip, my girlfriend who is also a very conscious creator and I decided to manifest happy people from there on out. The two of us together created some intense synergy. The rest of our trip was almost like the Twilight Zone. People were literally hysterically friendly. Wherever we went, strangers joked with us, went out of their ways to help us, and practically rolled out red carpets. It was in no way subtle or mistakable. We found ourselves bursting out laughing time after time.
  4. Try drawing a picture of what you’re wanting in your life. Really allow yourself to get into the flow of picturing yourself in the future with everything as you want it to be. Or you might try writing a story about how you got from where you now are to where you want to be, as if it’s already happened. The more you can suspend disbelief or resistance, the better. Writing and drawing allow us to get out of what is “practical” and dream our way into what we want. Remember that the potential is unlimited.


Your well-being does not come at the expense of others. Just as there is not a limited amount of “happiness” or “health” on the planet, there is no need to worry that you’ll attract more than your share of anything. Your being happy does not mean someone else must be depressed to balance things out. In fact, your being healthy, wealthy and wise makes it easier for others to follow in your footsteps.

It’s important to appreciate those things in our experiences that we don’t want, as well as the blessings we already have. Just as without darkness, we would not know light, so it is with contrast. When we experience something and we know we don’t like it, we suddenly know what we do want. Thank the contrast, and then pivot away from it with grace. Shoving away from it tends to ricochet us right back into it, for then we think of it with intense emotion. The more we can find peace with what we don’t want, the easier it is to flow with intense desire toward what is wanted.

Also, it’s good to embrace wanting. Desire is what keeps us alive. Without desire, we wouldn’t be here. It’s all about wanting to live, wanting to experience, wanting, wanting, wanting (not necessarily having, having, having!) Perhaps we’re very altruistic, and all we want to do is give, but this is still satisfying some desire in ourselves to give. I’m not saying we should do whatever we want without regard to others. I’m saying that if we are in harmony with our inner being’s desires, we will naturally want to do what is best for us, and this will naturally be what is also best for others. Sometimes, others may not see that at the time. We may want to end a relationship that another wants us to stay in. From a greater perspective, when we act in harmony with our own heart’s desire to move toward something else, we afford that other person the opportunity to work through their own fears and dependencies.

To want is a beautiful thing. It is wanting that birthed this world, and desire that draws us together to create new life, both physically and metaphysically.

One must not lose desires. They are mighty stimulants to creativeness, to love and to long life. – Alexander Bogomoletz


Michelle again: You can read the rest of this post of on creative visualization on muse-net and you’ll want to check out her daily inspirational messages on Kajama.

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Love and transformation,

Michelle Martin Dobbins

  • Joy says:

    I *love* this…thank you!

    I was raised to believe that there is a cap on what one might ask for and receive…and if I receive something wonderful I would have to “lose” something wonderful…so I had to learn that my well being is infinite, there aren’t “trades”, and I may feel centered and joyful even in experiences that others might not. And a big on for me I don’t have to dip into someone’s energy to hold space of empathize—I may feel joyful and centered and well even if a loved one is in pain (I may also allow them to tap into that energy, but I don’t have to give it away).

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Well put, Joy! I love when Lola JOnes said things are great and they can get even better. We don’t have to have something bad happen or lose something when we manifest something wonderful. We can keep creating more wonderful experiences. 🙂

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