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    Daily Alchemy Premium Membership Benefits:
    • Support Daily Alchemy and all the content and magick it adds to the world
    • Premium Members get immediate and ongoing access to the following online courses: Body Love Alchemy, Abundance Alchemy, Angel Alchemy, Healing Alchemy, Radical Love Alchemy, Money Alchemy, Meditation Alchemy, Ancestor Alchemy, Vibemixology, Pray Rain Journaling and Scripting, 30 Day Manifesting Re-set and 30 Day Money Manifesting Reset
    • Access to the Private Facebook with all the Coolest Alchemists there to interact and support each other
    • Access to the member’s only Lab and a New monthly Lab Kit which includes a monthly meditation, attunement, sigil and more. This is crazy magical stuff! My favorite way to shift my vibration and manifest is these tools, & experiments
    • Digital Copies of Michelle’s Alchemy books and the chance to be a Beta Reader new books
    • Daily Long Distance Reiki sent to all members by Michelle
    • A Monthly (or more) Q & As on Facebook Live
    • 15% off on all other online courses and physical products (not including live events, retreats or one-on-one products)


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