How to Cope with Sadness

How to Cope with Sadness

I know you get sad. I get sad, too.

I will tell you that from this point on my path, sadness is a lot less frequent than it used to be, but it still comes up and rears it’s head. Truth is I don’t ever expect this to change. I expect sadness will always be a part of my life. It’s been here recently letting me know that changes need to be made.

Next truth. I’m OK with that. In fact, I’m kinda glad for it. It’s the contrast that reminds me when I’m going in the wrong direction or I’m not doing enough to take care of myself or simply that I’m human and sometimes life hurts.

You can have a magical life and still be sad sometimes. Being sad is not a sign of  failure. It’s just an emotion that tells you what you are vibrating.  It’s totally ok to be sad and it doesn’t mean you are going to manifest negatively because you are sad.

Sadness can be used as a messenger to tell yourself to slow down and be present. To talk to your soul and see if you just need to grieve something or you need to make some changes. Don’t ignore sadness and wait for it to go away. It will build up strength  and knock you down if you do. You’ve experienced this, right? I think we all have at some point.

Now that I’ve told you that you will be sad sometimes, I’ll tell you how I cope with sadness:

1. Do Whatever I Want to Do: If I want to crawl in a ball and cry, take a nap, or eat a whole chocolate bar, I do it. And I don’t feel guilty about it either.

2. Thank It and Be With It: If step one makes it go away, fabulous! However, in all honestly, it doesn’t usually take care of the problem for more than a few minutes because the core issue is not addressed.

I try to remember that sadness is here for a reason and it’s trying to help me. I thank it for coming and I tell myself I’m are going to sit here and get friendly with what this sadness feels like. Then I feel it in my body. I stop telling the stories about why I’m sad and I feel how my body feels. I fell where the sadness is at in my body and how it physically feels to me. I drop as deep into that feeling as I can. I breathe and I stay with it as long as I can until I feel a shift or need a break.

This process can work in one short session or I can need to do it over and over again for days or weeks or months. It is what it is and I have found that the longer it takes to process sadness the stronger the resulting happiness on the other side.

3. Reach Out: You don’t have to go thorough sadness alone. Reach out to people you love. If someone isn’t able to support you, move on to the next. If you feel alone and you need someone to talk to call a counseling hotline or online prayer support. Silent Unity is wonderful! You can call them or email them and they will respond with affirmative prayer. Reach out to God. Reach out to angels. Reach out. I promise, people and the Universe care about you even when you don’t feel like they do.

4. Take Action: This is the last step. First, we take care of ourselves, we feel the feeling and we get support. If we are grieving  or letting go of old energy that might be all it takes to process our sadness and allow it move on.

If we are sad because our life that needs to transform, then the sadness won’t go away for long until we change it. Notice, I said we need to change it. Not someone else. We may feel sad because of someone else’s actions but our power is within our own feelings and actions. Maybe we need to create some boundaries with a person or dismiss them from our lives. Maybe we aren’t living the life we want to live and it makes us sad. There are many reasons but they all come back to us. Once you have felt your sadness and reached out others, then you have shifted your vibration enough to see what actions need to be taken.

If you don’t feel led to certain actions, then wait until you do. The actions necessary aren’t likely to be easy. Many times the reason we are sad is because we are avoiding these actions we need to take in the first place. You will get guidance about what needs to change. Then, you can take those steps or pretend not to notice and keep heading in the same direction. HINT:  If you keep heading in the same direction, the sadness will come back.

Be brave and listen to your sadness. It’s meant to help you. I’m right there with you taking those scary steps back to joy.

Bear Hugs,