How to Get Your Lover to Adore You Again in 3 Easy Steps

This post is NOT for you if you are looking for new love BUT if you take some of the steps it certainly can’t hurt.

This post is for you, if you are in a long-term relationship and feel like your lover has lost interest and drifted away.

I’ve been married for a little over 17 years and in a monogamous relationship with my husband for almost 20 years. If you’re in a long-term relationship like me, you’ve probably experienced that your relationship like any long-term commitment has ups and downs. At times, you’re focused and in-love and other times you have your mind is more concerned with landing a new job or how to get your 5 year-old to eat peas. It happens. Life has many wonderful facets to it and it ain’t all about romance. That being said, for most people having a romantic relationship brings a lot of joy to life.

So what do you do if you’ve noticed that your lover’s interest in you seems to have waned and you are ready to reconnect and get the love vibe flowing again. Do you pout and put cryptic insults on Facebook? No, No, No! Those are low vibration techniques and will not attract anybody. You might need to talk about it with your partner but I’m going to recommend you take these next 3 steps first and maybe your problem with disappear.

You are here which means that you are an amazing alchemist and you know that you have to change your thoughts and feeling to create the golden result.

Here are 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Lover to Adore You Again:

Step 1: Adore Yourself Again.

Hello? When’s the last time you did something nice for you? Do you like your haircut? Are you wearing clothes you feel good in? Are you spending time doing things that you are passionate about? Do you have hobbies that you engage in regularly? Do you get up and move your body in ways that feel good to you? Can you honestly say that you are living your life in such a way that makes you feel adorable?

If not, spend some time and really focus on getting to know you again and taking care of you and your needs. This is NOT to attract your lover. This is to attract yourself. It just so happens that a person who cares for themselves and lives life the way they want to is attractive and will likely peak your lover’s interest again.

Step 2: Adore Your Lover Again.

It’s not all about you, right? I mean, does your heart skip a beat when your lover comes through the door? If not, it’s time to focus on the qualities that made you choose them in the first place. You might want to make a list of what you love about them. You can share the list with your partner, or not, but once you start putting emphasis on what you adore about them, you will act differently towards them and let’s face it, we all love to be loved.

Just do this for the sake of feeling connected to them, not to turn around and tell them how they owe it to you to do the same. Enjoy the feeling of recreating the chills you used to get. And it is your job, not theirs, to get that feeling back. Don’t forget love is a verb and a noun and it takes action to achieve the feeling of love. Take inspired action. Kiss or touch them more, make plans to spend time with them, or whatever is going to help you feel more connected.

Step 3: Relax

Relax. Resisting “what-is” just slows down the works. In a long-term relationship, the relationship isn’t always the top priority.  It always needs to be a priority but if your lover is going though some intense growth or changes, you might need to relax and focus on steps 1 & 2 and give them some time. If you are going to be together for rest of your lives then chances are some months or years, you are going to feel closer to them than others. That doesn’t mean you can’t get closer and closer over time but do allow for hills and valleys. And intend that your relationship is always growing deeper and believe that even when you have times when you don’t feel as close, you always come back together stronger.

Most likely, your partner is going to notice the change in your vibration and rekindle their adoration for you. If not, then you will are in the perfect place to evaluate whether or not to stay in the relationship. From the happy place of adoring  yourself and adoring them, you will know whether your lover is going to give you the love necessary to continue you relationship. You get to decide

I’d love to hear your thought from an alchemy and law of attraction viewpoint on how you keep your relationships thriving.