How to Have a Mystical Experience

Do you crave a connection with source? Wish that you felt at one with the Universe if even for a few short moments? Would love to experience waves of bliss for no reason other than knowing you are a spiritual being?

Some techniques seem to induce these experiences for me and I want to share, in case, it could be helpful for you.
In fact, I had a mystical experience on a treadmill last week.
​​​​​​​It was definitely a first.
I was done with my exercise at the YMCA so I was walking in the treadmill slowly waiting for my hubby to finish his workout and just being present with every step.
I began to receive a download of bliss that I occasionally get while meditating or doing breath work so I switched my podcast over to Deva Pramal’s Om Name Bhagavate on repeat, closed my eyes and kept walking. I probably looked a little odd but we were in the Cardio Theater which is dark and just has a movie playing on the screen.
As I walked, I saw all my “be Magic” experiment peeps and felt connected to their goals and energy. Since starting this experiment a few weeks ago I feel so connected not only to the energy of the people in the project but to the collective consciousness as well. If you haven’t joined us, it’s free and you can add your intentions at anytime. I’d love to see how other people experience it. I can’t promise you’ll have a mystical experience on a treadmill, or some other place, but I can promise if you take the time and energy to intend for others your own happiness will expand.
This Wan’t My First Mystical Experience
I have had these “downloads” as I call them during which  I experience an immense feeling of bliss along with energetic sensations that are difficult to describe. Sometimes, I see geometric shapes, colors or other visions.
This usually happens to me several times a year, or more, since 2003. They are an affirming occurrence that makes me feel like I’m on the right path. I”m not sure if they make me manifest more materially but they certainly bring me joy.
I’m not usually able to induce them at will but I will give you a few tips on what seems to make them more likely.
Things You Don’t Have to Do to Have a Mystical Experience:
Sell alll of your possessions and move to an ashram
Wear only white forever
Meditate 10 hours a day
Chant millions of mantras
Become a nun or a monk
Honestly, Its seems like mystical experiences are becoming more normal and I believe energy on our planet has shifted so its easier now that it was a few hundred years ago. Discipline in your spiritual practice is great but it doesn’t seem like its always required.
Things that have helped me have mystical experiences:
Studying​​​​​​​ with a yoga guru
Basic Meditation
Guided Breath Work Journeys
Doing Reiki, Bramavahara or intending for others
Honestly, doing energy work or just sending good intentions to others shifts my energy faster than anything else and it’s so easy. I think thats why I had the mystical experience on the treadmill. My spirit was already primed from doing the “Be Magic” intention work and was just waiting for a moment of peace to connect.
If you’d like to join our experiment, the information below is below. It’s free and easy to do.
I know that many of you have these types of mystical experiences, too, and more advanced experiences as well, so I’d love if you shared your experiences and what you think may have triggered them. Feel free to share and start a conversation here.
​​​​​​​Namaste & Mystical Hugs,