• How Do You Know Some of Your Power is Missing AKA Your Queen is Sleeping?

    Symptoms include:

    • Taking massive action without massive results
    • Feeling stuck and not knowing what action to take
    • Not trusting your intuition
    • Not being able to tune into your intuition
    • Living your life for everyone else
    • People pleasing
    • lack of good boundaries
    • lack of good self-care
    • Running around doing peasant work and getting nowhere
    • Not seeing your dreams come true
    When Your Queen Wakes Up and You Get Your Power back:

    • Results get easy
    • Your life feels in alignment
    • You trust yourself
    • You know what to do
    • You easily tap into your intuition
    • You have vision and purpose
    • Your dreams manifest into reality
    While I’ve been preparing the class material, my vibe keeps getting higher. I can feel my energy expanding literally as in I sense more of my non-physical body. It’s weird but cool and I want to share all the energy with you as we take on our roles as the Queens of our Lives. No more waiting on anyone else to save us! We don’t need a stinking lottery!
    We come from source and as such we are naturally abundant,
    naturally intelligent,
    naturally powerful,
    naturally joyful,
    naturally loving,
    and made to be the Queen of our lives!!


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