I got this one wrong…going naked in 2020

I got this one wrong….

It happens, I am a Virgo but I’m not always right. I was waiting for my word of the year and I embraced a word as “the one” only to realize it’s not. This year “present” seemed a perfect choice for my word of the year. Perfectly in line with my overarching goal for 2020, stolen form the co-star astrology app:

“Make people remember what it feels like to be seen, to belong, to know themselves, to not be alone after a long loneliness.”

I felt quite satisfied with “present” as my word for 2020 which should have been my clue that it wasn’t the right word.

My word is always accompanied by excitement with an equal measure of nausea. Those are my clues that the word will step me out of my comfort zone enough to be life changing if I actually engage it. Present, while a lovely word, did not evoke these visceral responses.

Another word began to present itself and I felt my resistance rise, which is my clue that it is likely the right word. Then, said word began to appear everywhere. In advertising, in overheard conversations, in a reminder that I had pledged to do a nude photo shoot this year for my 50th birthday. (No, I don’t think I’ll be sharing those photos. Maybe just the shoulders.)

Then, while traveling over the holidays, we went to a beautiful shop called Zombi Conjure In Phoenix and the owner, Genevieve, is amazing. My daughters purchased some oils and we were chatting about her products and how she makes them. Most of her oils had traditional names like Bend Over, Luck, etc. but she said she was out of her best-seller and she thought I would love it. She decided to look in the back of the shop and returned with one bottle for me to sniff. Its scent was intoxicating, and I requested to purchase her last bottle. The name of the oil…


If I’m honest I don’t even like the word naked, but I intend to learn to love it this year. It’s a word that I hesitate to put up on my sticky notes and I am wary to wear around my wrist, but I get why it wants to join me for the 2020 ride.

What Naked in 2020 means to me:

Dropping the masks I hide behind
Owning my mistakes
Being deeply vulnerable and present
Diving into the alchemy of being more me and less of the fig leaves I use to cover up with
Being ok with not being beautiful or even acceptable to all people
Telling the truth, not the brutal truth, but the naked truth
Exposing myself, well, exposing my thoughts and my essence
No longer lurking and hiding but being a fully open participant in places I frequent (I will be clothed though. Well, if it’s an online space and I’m not actually on video or picture, I could be physically naked, and you’d never know. I might be typing this naked right now.)

What being Naked in 2020 does not mean to me:

No nudist camps
No streaking through Target
No Pornhub appearances

Honestly, I’ve never been extremely comfortable naked. I never went to the nude islands in Jamaica or even the topless pools in Vegas and I literally left a college after two weeks because the dorm bathrooms had open shower rooms.

Yep, don’t expect to see all my naughty bits on display but do expect me to be emotionally and spiritually naked with you. 2020 means no more people pleasing, I am who I am.

Who will you be in 2020 and what is the word that will walk with you and what does it mean to you? Hit reply and tell me. For reals, I love hearing from you!

Magick & Hugs,