Have you ever heard a someone say something and knew that the words coming out of their mouth were divinely inspired for you?

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with some friends and asked if anyone knew where I could find someone in my area to teach me flamenco dancing—if you are know of anyone in the Greenville, SC area, I’m still looking. Right now, I’m practicing with Youtube vidoes but I’m calling in a live teacher—anyway, one of the ladies said Bob used to be a dance instructor.

Bob is spiritual healer who holds energy for live events and he does this job amazingly well and he had been quietly sitting at the table listening to our conversation. Now, if you know Bob, you’d know that Bob doesn’t talk much but when he does he has something to say.

Bob piped up and said: “Yep, I took two lessons and then I started teaching.” Our conversation continued from there but I knew those words were for me and my daughter, Serenity.

For her, because she had recently started doing card readings but was doubting her ability to charge for them. She did make $20 doing an impromptu reading that very day so the message was received.

For me, because I’ve been studying metaphysics for over 25 years and still sometimes wonder if I know enough to teach.

I’ve felt drawn towards spirituality and the occult like my whole life. I meditated before I knew what mediation was. As a child, I picked out library books about ESP, witches, and anything other-worldly and weird.
As an adult, I’ve been a Reiki Master for over 15 years, I’ve received a diploma in Alchemy, and taken courses in a little bit of everything metaphysical. It’s how I live my life and yet sometimes, I still feel unworthy to teach from my experiences and knowledge.

Maybe you are the same? Maybe you don’t realize that no matter where you are in life, you are always two lessons ahead of someone else and you can be a light for them. You don’t even have to set up shop to teach. When you live what you know spiritually, you bless others no matter what you do for a living.

We are all worthy of sharing our gifts and we are all gifted. If you need some help getting in touch with your gifts or some guidance painting the palette of your life, check out the special deal in the comments for my Unlimited Personal Messenger Alchemy Coaching. I’ve just started coaching this way and so I’m offering special low rates but they are sure to go up, so if it feels right for you, sign up now.

Magick and Big Hugs,

P.S. I don’t quite take to dance as naturally as I do spiritual topics but Lilly, our border collie, is helping me