I’m coming out as…

young girl at sunset praise the lordApril 23 is Openly Secular day and it seems like an appropriate time to share my thoughts on God.

First of all, I don’t think that my thoughts on God and your thoughts on God have to be similar for us to be friends. I love Muslims, Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, etc. I love authentic people who follow their hearts and I can see the good in most any belief system.

Personally, when it comes to spirituality I’m not a person who feels like a mandated list of beliefs and rules makes me feel closer to God but I can understand how it does for many people and I completely respect that.

The organized religion that I feel most at home with is the Unity Church. I love the positivity and the openness I experience there. For about 10 years I went to every service and every workshop available at my Unity Church. I loved it. I soaked up the knowledge and peace. I didn’t want to miss a meeting.

Now, I rarely go. My spiritual passion is now more filled when I practice meditation and spiritual rituals on my own. I still attend occasionally when the spirit moves me but its is different than it used to be. I have less of a need for guidance to find God. I can find the presence on my own.

In my current level of understanding, God is the benevolent, creative energy that made everything and is in everything. I refer to the energy as God, the Universe, Divine Presence, Source, etc.  My form of spirituality is to seek to align with that energy as much as I possibly can.

It would feel strange to call myself secular because although I do not consider myself to be a devotee of one particular religion, God is a big part of my life. Positive prayer, affirmations, meditation, altars, ritual and surrender are important aspects of my life and I feel that I am more connected to the Divine than many people who are followers of one prescribed religion.

I don’t have a name for my beliefs. Members of the Unity church often refer to themselves as Truth Students and I connected with that for years but I now want to be more than a student of truth, I want to be someone who lives and deeply participates in truth. I call myself an Alchemist but even that term seems lacking.  I am a deliberate creator who believes in the law of attraction but also in the spiritual and metaphysical concepts behind the law of attraction. For now, I will revel in the absence of a proper label and be content to just be me and the energy I embody at this present moment in time.

Since coming out as “Openly Secular” doesn’t quite feel right, I’ll come out as:

Openly in love with life

Openly in love with the energy that created this beautiful world

Openly passionate about the possibilities ahead of me

Openly aware that my thoughts and vibrations create my experiences

Openly evolving and expanding and looking forward to more spiritual growth

Openly excited to explore the universe and gain deeper and deeper levels of knowledge and connection

Openly delighted with the diversity of options in our universe

Openly joyous at the prospect of connection with fun playmates whether or not they share my same belief structure

Openly grateful for each and every moment of existence

So, lovely reader, that’s my best description of my spiritual beliefs. I’m openly sharing my heart with you so that I can be authentic with you and so that you can feel safe to be authentic, too. Whatever makes your soul sing is good so don’t be afraid to be open.

May you experience openness as exhilarating and joyful.

P.S. To those that completely identify with the term secular and have no spiritual leanings or beliefs, I support you, too. I don’t think any us should have to hide how we feel about religion, or anything else, to fit in and feel safe.