Interview With Boni Lonnsburry: One Minute Manifestor, A Giveaway & More!

Boni Lonnsburry

My readers are in for a real treat today. Boni Lonnsburry agreed to do an interview for us about her book “The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True.” She has shared life-changing information and techniques. Make sure you don’t miss her One Minute Manifestor Technique and read all the way to the end to learn about a giveaway.

Q – Can you give a short description of The Map and how you use it in your life?

The Map is a step-­‐by-­‐step process to consciously create what you want. You see, I noticed there were a lot of books out there that put forth the message, “if you can dream it you can create it” but few that really simplified the process and went into detail about exactly how.

I wrote The Map because it had worked so amazingly in my own life and in the lives of those I teach. Before I applied this process, my life was a mess. I was on the verge of bankruptcy. My house was in foreclosure. I was broke, alone, jobless and felt pretty much hopeless.

I was so tired of feeling disappointed and afraid all the time. I simply stopped feeling bad because it felt so horrible. I decided I’d rather be a happy homeless person than an unhappy anything. Feeling happy became my first priority.

Then I began to apply the techniques I teach in The Map. Within days I landed a job as a temp. It paid only $10 an hour, but I refused to think about that.
Instead I just marveled that I created that opportunity and had some money coming in.

Within two weeks I had a full-time job offer and within two years I was VP of a startup. Sadly the startup went belly up—but by that time I was getting the hang of conscious creation so I didn’t let it worry me (much.)

I found a couple of part-time jobs and I took $50 and incorporated my own company. And without putting in another dime, within five years that company grew to $5 million in annual sales. And I knew I was creating it by applying the techniques I now teach in The Map.

These days I apply the same seven steps of The Map to every area of my life!

Q – What is one of the best experiences you’ve created using the Map?

After I figured out how to create abundance, a job I loved and career success, I was determined to apply the same “map” to my love life. Like many women, at mid-­‐life I found myself divorced from the man I had intended to spend my entire life with.
But I was determined to find meaningful and authentic love. It didn’t happen overnight. I dated—I had failed relationships—but I kept going back to The Map to find where I was mis-­‐creating.

Then one day a friend called and suggested I meet “friend of a friend named Richard”. “I have a good feeling about this, Boni,” she said.

I agreed. And within two months we were engaged. He and his lifestyle were amazing. But, it seemed a little too “good to be true”. And of course that belief caused me trouble—we split up three times! But after each time, I became even more determined to make love work—with or without Richard.

My persistence (and The Map) finally did pay off. Four years ago we were married in Fiji and we now fly back and forth between our homes in Boulder and the Bahamas every two weeks.

I live a blissful life—and my husband is a huge part of that. I still apply The Map and our relationship just gets better and better. This relationship is definitely my best creation yet!

Q – I love the section of your book that explains how to work with your different selves. These seem like very life changing exercises. You teach how to work with your negative self? Can you explain a little bit about what the negative self is and why it is beneficial to work with it?

There is a part of all of us that doesn’t want our success—that wants to see us fail—that wants to sabotage us. And I call that part, the negative self.

This is the voice we hear in our head that says, “You’ll never succeed. You aren’t worthy. Give up on your dreams—they are stupid and so are you for thinking they could come true.”

It’s the part of us that, if we ignore it, will sabotage us.

But if we listen to it, if we give our negative self voice, we begin to distinguish its voice (which always lies) from ours. And when we do that, its voice no longer impacts us. We are freed. And we become vastly more powerful.


Simple. Close your eyes and pretend your negative self is sitting next to you…and tell it your dreams. Then—listen to what it says.

Here is an example of what my negative self had to say at a time when I was trying to manifest both abundance and a loving relationship (an excerpt from The Map):

Me: “I am planning to create financial independence and also a relationship with someone who supports, honors and nurtures me.”

NS: “You don’t deserve money and you’ll never have money. You think you can do some stupid technique and money will fall in your lap? What kind of turnip truck did you fall from? You are stupid to believe that. Idiotic. The best you will be able to do is to work for someone else and what can you make doing what you know how to do? Not much. Give it up.”

NS: “And as far as a man…you can’t be serious…what kind of man would want you? Blind? Stupid? An imbecile? Forget it, baby. This is your lifetime to be alone.”

Me: “Is that all?”

NS: “No. I can’t believe you are trying this “you create your own reality” crap again. It if really worked, wouldn’t it have worked by now?”

Me: “Are you finished?”

NS: “Actually no. You won’t have men or money this time around, sweet cakes. So just stop trying. You are ugly and stupid and no man will want you. And as far as being rich, it just ain’t in the cards.”

Me: “Anything else?”

NS: “Yeah, that dress you bought makes you look fat.”

Me: “Now are you done?”

Nothing from my negative self, so I assumed it was finished. I imagined surrounding it in a bubble of white light, and called in my higher self to take her to be healed.

And then, I was free. Until next time.

Q – You share so many powerful yet easy-­to-­do techniques in the book. Can you share one of the techniques that readers can start doing today to create change in their lives?

One of the quickest and surprisingly also one of the most powerful techniques is the One Minute Manifestor technique. I love this one because— you guessed it—it takes just one minute to complete.

Someone recently emailed me that he did it twice a day for a week to create a
job he loved and by the seventh day he had a job offer far better than he’d even hoped. As I said, this one is powerful.


Choose something you would like to manifest. You do not need to know what it looks like. You only need to know how you will feel when you get it.

Then, imagine a picture of yourself at the exact moment you realized your dream had fully manifested. Obviously you are smiling, maybe even laughing. Perhaps you are on the phone telling someone about it. Maybe you are holding the money, a letter, or an engagement ring.

Just hold this picture in your mind—as if looking at a photograph of yourself—feeling as joyous as can be. And realize you are so happy because your dream has just come into your life.


Set a timer for 23 seconds. At the very start of those 23 seconds, close your eyes and visualize this picture of you. And feel that joy, that excitement, that unadulterated happiness…knowing you have the dream. Hold that picture, and that “over the top” emotion until 23 seconds has passed. Then quickly open your eyes.

And, after two deep breaths, repeat.

The result:

You should see “signs” of your dream manifesting within days. Watch for them, and respond to them positively.

And of course—keep doing the technique!! There are no excuses not to do something that can literally change your life and takes just one minute from your day. If you can do this several times a day, all the better.

And for those who like someone to “walk them through it” there is a recorded version for sale on my website (info below).

Q – What is the most important concept you want your readers to gain from The Map?

If I could, I would take every reader gently by the shoulders, look deeply into their eyes, and tell them in a way that they would really and truly “get it”:

“You are powerful beyond your imagination. You create your reality, all day, every day, even if you don’t realize that yet. And you can learn to create
consciously. You can create a life you absolutely, unequivocally love—it is your birthright.”

Q – How can readers connect with you and learn more about your work and your book?

The best place to learn more is on my website and from there people can read my blog, see what others are creating or learn more about The Map. If readers would like to know the specific steps of The Map, they can read about them here:­ map-­to-­a-­delicious-­life/
Boni Lonnsburry is an expert on conscious creation and an award-winning author of the best-selling book, “The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True.” Learn more at

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