Interview: Salimah Perkins of Highest Good Wellness: On Tarot, Life Coaching & Reiki

[Recorded Live] Salimah Perkins and I chat about the magical life. We talk about reiki, life coaching, following your calling, astrology, oracle decks and tarot. Salimah gives some great insights on following your intuition and how to start working with oracle cards and tarot in a positive way. She also tells you what kinds of questions will give you the best information. She offers sessions via skype and in person in the Baltimore area. You can start with just a simple one card reading or she also offers more in-depth reading, reiki and holistic life coaching.

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  • Hi, I have supposedly healing hands. Not sure why and wish to get information

  • Feel like I’m an empath..

  • Maira, we all have a certain level a healing ability. You can increase your natural abilities just with intention or leaning Reiki or Healing Touch or other energy healing modality.

  • Vicki, if you feel that you are, I’m sure you are. You can pick up on things to help people but you also want to shield your own energy and let go of emotions that aren’t yours.

  • Hi Salimah and Michelle!

  • “make room for magic” πŸ™‚

  • Lyla La June says:

    MAy I have a message with the cards please?

  • Lyla, we are doing any card readings today–but I’ll do that one day this week.

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