Iphone Enlightenment: 4 Bliss Inducing Phone Processes

Smart phone with magic light and falling stars

Cell phones get a bad rap. While it’s true that sometimes people focus more on their phones than the world around them, we can use them to better our lives if we chose. I like that my kids can reach me at almost anytime, but I’ve learned to be discerning about who I grant that type of access to. Just because a friend can call me when I’m shopping doesn’t mean I need to answer. I’ve recently enjoyed some of the peace by disconnecting when I had no Ipad, IPhone, or MacBook temporarily. Now I have 2 out 3 back and I’m sending my MacBook loving thoughts while it is at the Mac doctors in California. While being disconnected was nice, I realized that I use my phone for a few “enlightened” reasons. IPhone enlightenment? Maybe, maybe not. It’s all in how you use it.

Here are some of my favorite Vibe Lifting Ways to use my Phone:

1. Pinterest Boards: I have a secret board on Pinterest that has all of my current goals on it. I like to sit and look through it once or twice a day on my phone and smile as I enjoy the thought of realizing new dreams. I know lots of people also share theirs publicly which is fine if it feels good to you. I just like to keep mine private, so that there is no censoring my dreams based on what I think others would find realistic. I don’t want to shoot for realistic. I go for magic.

Some people also post Mind Movies on YouTube or watch others people’s for inspiration. I like these along with the plethora or mediation videos.

2. Backgrounds & Screensavers:  I change these often to reflect a feeling I want to achieve or a goal I’d like to manifest. I always chose something that makes me smile when I look at my phone.

3.  Heart Math 6400 Inner Balance Sensor for iOS: I bought the Heart Math Sensor for my Iphone about 4 months ago. I’m a big fan of their research and books. When my naturopath tested my heart rate variability and it wasn’t as good as I’d like to be, I started looking for an easy way to do biofeedback at home. I meditate daily anyway, but I’ve had some issues with heart arrhythmia, so I like having this product. It’s a fun way to meditate and learn how to get my heart in a blissful rhythm. The more I use it the easier it gets to know what the proper rhythm feels like and achieve coherence without using the device. Dr. Rollin McCraty, the Institute of HeartMath Research Director, says  “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation.” It’s fun to track the amount of time spent in coherence and work on raising your daily levels. If you have difficulty meditating, this could be a fun tool.

4. The Wish Game App: This is a fun little App, created by Louise Laffey, that I have played with a few times. The Wish Game walks you through the steps of manifesting your wishes. I haven’t spend a lot of time with the app, but some people love it. I’m sure there are other uplifting apps out there if we look for them.

What about you, what creative ways do you use your phone to create IPhone enlightenment? ( Or Samsung enlightenment, etc. I’m not prejudiced. I just happen to be an Apple girl.)  I know I’m just scratching the surface here, so share your favorite apps or techniques to use your phone as a tool for spiritual growth.


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    I hadn’t thought about using my phone for enlightenment, so this article inspires me to think of it in a different way! 🙂

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