Law Of Attraction Guide to Decision Making

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In our abundant world, many people suffer from decision fatigue. There are massive amounts of choices; it can be overwhelming. What restaurant to chose for lunch? What color to paint our bedroom? Should we go back to school? Which one? Which phone? Which phone case? What shoes? Should I go to the party? On & On.

We can feel stuck because we don’t know what to choice to make. When we feel that way, one of two things are happening and they each have their own solution:

1. We are afraid that we will make the wrong decision. What might we miss out on if we make the wrong choice? What if a better choice appears after it’s too late?

If this is the dilemma you face, there is a painless fix.

First: Get happy for a few minutes.  Listen to your favorite song, meditate, go for a walk, play Candy Crush, eat some chocolate. Do whatever will make you smile and forget about the decision for a few minutes.

Second: Complete your decision making from a happy vibration. Chose the action you can feel best about, not the one that seems rational, but the one that makes you feel in alignment. Feeling good about your decision is what will make it work. If you are worried you are choosing wrong, wait until you feel better to decide if you can.

If it feels good to make a list of pros and cons, do it. I don’t because just one pro or con could be what sways me. I don’t like seeing a long list of pros when I know “it doesn’t feel right to me” is enough of a reason for me to go in the opposite direction.

Third: Act on your decision. Do a least one thing to lock it in. If it doesn’t feel good, you can usually change it and you can always make a new decision based on the outcome of your action. People are more likely to regret not taking action than not doing anything. Even the “wrong” action can lead you to the “right” one. It’s way better than sitting, on the sofa, watching reality TV.


2. We just have decision fatigue from making too many decisions. 

If this is the case. I don’t waste time. I just intend that all my decisions will have the best possible outcome and go for it. Sometimes, if I have a lot of little decisions to make and don’t want to waste time thinking about them, I will flip a coin, pull an angel card, muscle test, or consult a pendulum. Whatever keeps me moving forward. Don’t overthink it. Just make the decisions and move on.

If you are interested in learning more about pendulums, here’s a great video on how to use a pendulum from Hibiscus Moon. The link in the description leads to a detailed mini-course on using a pendulum.

Whatever has you stuck, remember to make some intentions that support your decision-making process. Here’s a few to get you started:

I always make great choices.

I am not locked into my decision. I can always choose again.

New opportunities are always coming to me.

I feel great about my decisions.

The universe conspires to make all my decisions work out for the best.

I know what to do, and I do it!


Do you have any techniques for decision making?

  • This is awesome, Michelle. I know I can get bogged down in decisions sometimes and these are great suggestions.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Crystal, Thanks for commenting. Usually, I just follow my heart, but when there are so many little things to decide some of these ideas speed up the process. 🙂

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