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I recently connected with Cloris Kylie Stock and fell in love with her blog and I’m looking forward to her upcoming interview with Pam Grout on Cloris’s Magnificent Time radio show. She was gracious enough to write a guest post for Daily Alchemy about finding love. So, here’s Cloris:

Lookin’ for Luv

by Cloris Kylie Stock

You’re a regular at your local happy hour.

You sign up for a makeover.

You write a kickin’ online profile that promises the perfect match.

You join a singles Meetup group.

You sit at your local big box bookstore, latte in hand, and look around for the perfect someone who’s expected to walk into your life carrying your all-time favorite novel.

You’ve been looking in all the “right” places, and yet, you don’t seem to be able to find love.

We all yearn for a deep connection with another human being. We want to feel cared for and validated. So we search for love.

When you’re looking for love, you might think you’ve found it in a person you call your “soulmate.” Soon after, your soulmate doesn’t meet your expectations or your needs, and you start to think you might’ve made a mistake. You think you might need to keep searching for The One, so you say goodbye and experience a period of pain to be able to “move on.” Other times, your loved one is the person who decides to let you go because you don’t meet his or her expectations. You know what follows: a period of deep pain in which you feel that maybe you’re not good enough to move on.

If the pain of choosing the wrong person or being rejected wasn’t bad enough, what if you looked for love your whole life and never found it?


Never? The thought might’ve made the hair in the back of your neck stand on end. That has to be worse!

Maybe the problem isn’t that your search is flawed or unsuccessful, but that you’re searching.

Maybe you’ve always been connected to love, but you were too busy looking for it to notice that it had been there all along. This reminds me of the story of the little kitten who knew happiness was located in his tail, so he ran in circles to catch it, but it always seemed to be out of his reach. He wasted his energy until he realized that his tail would just follow him wherever he went.

I experienced this first-hand. It was only when I stopped looking for love that I found it. And the love I found was there to stay, because it was real love.

Love is already in your life. Know this. And once you do, love will manifest itself in many ways, even as romantic love.

As David Hawkins expresses in The Eye of the I, “People say they cannot find love as though it were something to be gotten. Once one becomes willing to give love, the discovery quickly follows that one is surrounded by love and merely did not know how to access it. Love is actually present everywhere, and its presence only needs to be realized.”

Feel the love in your life today, and spread it all around. Who knows what or who might come your way!

Cloris Kylie Stock, MBA, is a career, academic, and life coach from Simsbury, Connecticut. She is a sought-after lecturer who has achieved the highest Toastmasters awards in communication and leadership. Her calling is to help people realize their maximum potential.

Blog: http://selfactualizedlife.blogspot.com

Online radio show: http://blogtalkradio.com/magnificent

Michelle here:  We’d love to hear how you found love in your life or any other comments. To prove it, I’m giving away a Facebook “manifesting plan” to one of my commenters during the month of August. I’ll put everyone’s name in random.org and choose a winner to be announced here around Sept 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and message me on my Facebook page. Once you tell me what you want to create, I’ll create a personal manifesting plan for you and we’ll make sure it feels good to you.

Transforming through Love and Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins

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