Magic Spell of the Week: Long Car Drives

A simple tip for long car drives: I used to get so tired and sore when making the long eight hour drive to visit my parents.Then, when I started doing Reiki, a natural healing technique, I began sending Reiki to all the cars as passed as I was driving. When I arrived at my destination, I would be full of energy and bliss. Over the years, my technique has evolved. Now I picture God’s Love entering the top of my head and going out through my eyes to everyone I pass along my journey. If you have a long drive home after a Thanksgiving trip, I invite you to try your own version of this, sending out love, healing and/or prayers to the people along you route. I hope that you will find it to be just as uplifting as I do. Let me know if you give it a try. Happy Thanksgiving,

Love and Magic,

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  • […] 3. I have so much fun on social media.  When I’m on twitter I look for people whose spirits I can raise or who I can retweet or who I can like or comment to on Facebook.  I meet the nicest people online and never seem to have any issues.  I do the same thing when I go to the store. I like to smile and send love to the shoppers at Wal-mart while I’m shopping. You won’t believe the check-out clerks I get there.  I have met some of the sweetest people, who are so kind and uplifting. Yes, I did say Wal-mart. This also works well for car trips. […]

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