Magical Manifesting from Monthly Winner, Vicki Bright

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Last month’s winner of my monthly give-away, Vicki Bright, blew me away when she told me about her manifesting practices and how she manifested winning my give-away.  I told her she didn’t need a manifesting plan as she has already mastered the art of magical manifesting, so she opted for an angel card reading instead.

We are all winners though, because she graciously agreed to share her manifesting story here.

So without further ado, here’s Vicki:

It is my pleasure to write this guest post for the Daily Alchemy site. Over the last couple of years I have had great success in manifesting desires and goals both big and small. Regularly I seek out ideas and advice regarding making and magical life. I read and refer to resources and blogs, teachers, coaches, healers and “experts” both past and present to learn about tools and approaches to deliberate manifestation.

Recently I was the winner of Michelle Martin Dobbin’s monthly manifesting plan. Michelle offers this prize to those who make comments on her website. Winning was quite a thrill as I have been a follower of Daily Alchemy for quite some time. I appreciate Michelle’s positive attitude and easy-going gratitude for the gifts in her life. I am also very interested in home schooling and have found the resources Michelle has offered in regards to Law of Attraction and teaching to be quite valuable.

One of the tools of manifestation I use a gratitude journal which I record, on a daily basis, all of the things I am grateful for in my life. This is very similar to Michelle’s Monday posts of “What is going right.” I believe that gratitude is the single most important feeling one can possess in order to bring desires to fruition. “Like attracts Like” and with gratitude at the forefront of my daily experience I receive countless gifts in return.

Attitude is everything. There was a time when I did not realise how important this was when trying to make desires come true. I believe that my attitude played a part in being the winner of the monthly winner on Daily Alchemy.

Let me tell you how:

In the past I was one of those people who might say “I never win”. Sure, I may enter a raffle or buy a lottery ticket but I never truly thought I would be the winner. About 4 years ago I met, and eventually married, the man of my dreams. This was my first experience with deliberately manifesting as I took steps to bring a great relationship to me. My love also happens to be a man who enters contests and often wins. He has no doubt that if he enters he will win something at some point. Since we met he has won international trips, tickets to bands and movies, CDs, clothing and opportunities for great prizes.

By knowing him ,I lost the “I won’t win” attitude and I now enter things with the attitude of “you have got to be in it to win it.” I have won a few small prizes from blogs and have been very grateful. I know that I will not always win because there are others who also enter believing they will be successful, however, one day I know I will have success by entering.

I have always had the desire to win the opportunity to work with Michelle. In fact I would love to work with many of the excellent Law of Attraction and manifesting coaches available and some day I will. Blogs are a way of connecting with community and by commenting I feel that I am being part of a group of like-minded people. I commented on Michelle’s blog in October and November. I did this with the desire to win the opportunity to work with Michelle and be part of the dialogue. At the same time I was chatting back and forth with Janette Dalgliesh from Sweet Relief, another blogger and coach I respect. Janette and I were talking about the right time for me to participate in her “Vibe Rehab” course. Here is the email I sent to Janette, reprinted with her permission.

Hi there,

I really want to put effort into something like this. If I take the time to commit I need to be able to do that. I see Michelle Martin Dobbins in doing your Vibe Rehab. I respect her work very much. One day I will win her give-away for commenting. LOL. I commented today about how I have been very fast in manifesting things lately. Almost daily!

The very next day I opened my email and received this message from Michelle Martin Dobbins


You are my winner of a manifesting plan for the month of November. 

I believe that it was gratitude, attitude and putting my desire out into the universe via the email to Janette which presented me with a truly fabulous gift and the opportunity to work with Michelle!

Michelle again: I am so grateful to Vick for sharing her successes with us. Positive thought and the law of attraction really do work and can change your life when you use them consistently. Also, If you haven’t read Janette’s post about impostor syndrome, go check it out because I think almost of us experience this at some time or another.

I’d love to hear any magical manifesting stories you have or any other comments you many have.



  • ninagrao says:

    Hey Michelle,
    I love hearing people’s manifesting stories. It’s so much fun to consciously create your life. It seems like at least a few times a week I manifest something. It’s usually a light intention and letting go and forgetting about it. That works quickly and like magic. It seems like I can just think of something and it manifests almost instantly like the other day I was reading a newsletter on how good noni fruit is for you and I said to myself that I wanted some. After I read that article, I opened another email from a friend and the first line was, “do you want a sack of noni?” That was amazing! Some things are hard to get here in Ecuador or if you can get them they’re expensive. Plenty of times I’ve lightly intended to get something and within days someone has it to give or sell to me for cheap.
    I think the trick to manifesting is lightly intend, let go/forget about it, know it’s coming and feel good.


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