Got Magic? : 4 Easy Steps to Magicify Your Life

Magicify Your Life

Everybody Wants Some Presto Magic. –B.o.B.

Life is more fun when it’s magical. That’s why I’m always focusing on new ways to magicify my life and you can magicify your life too! (Yes, magicify is a word. OK, I might have made it up!)

One of my favorite magic-making techniques is scripting or talking about what we desire as if it’s already happened. I just tell the story of what I want it to someone who knows what I’m up to or write it in a journal. I once decided I would like to create a big customer for our heating and air conditioning business so I wrote the story of how an apartment building owner met my husband and asked him to work on all his air conditioning units. I wrote the story in the little notebook every day in rich detail until the ninety page notebook was filled. A few weeks later, an apartment complex manager asked us to do all of their heating and cooling work. It didn’t happen exactly as I wrote it but it was very similar and they are one of our largest customers to this day.

So how can you get in on the magic action? Try scripting or follow these four simple steps. Even better, try both!

Here’s 4 steps to magicify your life:

1. Believe.  Or at least be open the possibility. A good affirmation is “I am open to the possibility of magic in my life.” Or if you’re like me and you already believe, “I notice magic at work every day.”  or “The universe loves to create magic in my life.” Choose one that feels good to you and repeat, repeat, repeat! The feeling you are creating is the most important factor.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. –Roald Dahl 

2.Get ok with where you are right now. When you resist “what is” you stop the flow of magic. How do get OK? It’s really just a decision. You can’t change this moment, but you can change the next one. “What is” is just your starting place to add magic to your life. Let go of judgement about the past and create a future you love.

3. Find your bliss. Get happy and do what you love. Eat delicious food. Read a book. Get your jam on. Go rollerblading. Whatever lights you up, make time to do it, at least ten minutes a day and an hour every week. That’s the minimum. I’d shoot for an hour a day and one big three or four-hour chunk of time sometime during the week. Make the time to enjoy your journey.

4. Make some magic. Usually, numbers one through three are enough to get you in life’s flow and you’ll see magic. If not, it’s time to intend some. It really is that simple, intend to see magic in your life. Invite in the angels of laughter or joy or money. Ask the universe to show you a sign. Create a vision board. Say affirmations. Do some scripting. Make your own spell. Know that it will work for you. The power of your focused thought will surprise you.

If nothing is happening, start over with number one. Lighten up. The most important thing is how you feel. Magic likes blissful people, so get your joy on.

Using this method, I’ve created little things like a free cappuccino to big things like my family’s dream house. I have four children and we always look for magic and we always find it. Sometimes we deliberately choose what we want to create and other times we just get happy and step back and see what goodies the universe delivers.

I’m traveling and this morning when I got out of the shower a crystal that I’ve been looking for the last several days was sitting on the edge of the hotel bed. I can either go with the story that it somehow got mixed into my suitcase without me knowing it and fell out when I pulled out my clothes, which may be true, or I can say it’s magic. It appeared when I relaxed about finding it, which is also true. I focus on the magic feelings because they make me happy.

What can you create? A best-selling novel, a perfect meal, the love of you life, your dream job, the sky’s the limit!

So go make some magic. No wands necessary. Everything you need is already in you.