Manifesting for Babies

a baby child and an empty Blackboard[Note: If you ended up here looking for help manifesting a baby this post isn’t about that, but here’s a great one from the Good Vibe Blog that will help with manifesting a pregnancy. Then, come back here once you’re pregnant and learn how to send your baby high vibes.]

How early is too early to teach your child to manifest? Should you start in the womb? Is 6 months old too soon? You caught me; these are trick questions. We are all manifesting all the time. We can learn how to consciously manifest by deliberately shifting our thoughts and beliefs. While we don’t need to teach our babies how to consciously manifest, we can set them up to have the highest vibration possible.

So here’s my Manifesting for Babies program: (Good news! Most of these techniques will work for anyone and I’ll tell you how you can do them for someone that’s not a baby, too! Easy-Peasy!)

1. Surround them with White Light. As soon as I knew I was pregnant with my children, I began picturing their little fetuses surrounded by white light and bathed in divine love. I, also, would repeat “You are loved. You are wanted.” to them, either in my mind or out loud when I was alone. I felt this was especially important because 3 of my 4 children where not consciously planned, but I wanted them to know I was ecstatic that they were on the way.  You can do this for anyone in your life you want to support. Just visualize them surrounded by white light and intend to send them positive messages. It will help infinitely more than worrying about them!

2. Ask their Angels and Guides to Assist. I have always asked my children’s angels and guides to be with them, help them, guide them and smooth out the way for them. I’ve always been told that angels can’t help unless you ask and I feel like as a parent we are able to ask for our children. When I comes to other people, I would do the same but ask the angels to recognize the person’s unconscious calls for help. We can’t control whether others are ready to receive that help but I believe we can ask. I like to visualize Angels and guides with my children keeping them safe and giving them signs. 

3.  Talk to Their Subconscious. When my first child was a baby, I heard somewhere that children’s subconscious take in what we say to them while they are sleeping and that we can lessen any effects of past lives by telling them positive messages while they sleep.  So I would whisper in my children’s ears little messages something like this:

Hello, lovely soul. This is your mother just reminding you that this is a brand new life you are in now. Nothing from your past lives needs to come with you here. You don’t need to fear. You are protected and loved and you can let go of any old patterns that don’t serve you. You are unconditionally loved. You are free to express your true self and you will be supported and loved always.

I would whisper affirmations to them, too. I would say “I am happy. I am smart. I am safe. I am lovable. I enjoy life.” I did it in the first person because I hoped that they would start repeating these thoughts to themselves and take on these beliefs. Maybe it was brainwashing but I felt like it was acceptable because the thoughts I was sharing were true and they would hear enough critical thoughts later that weren’t true. I didn’t want them ever believe that they weren’t capable or lovable. You can send these same kind of thoughts to the higher self of other people you want to support but you probably don’t want to whisper in their ears while they are sleeping. It could get weird.

4.  Say YES! I read that toddlers hear the word “no” more than any other word in their first years of life and I didn’t think that much negativity was good for their developing brains. So I said yes as much as I could. Obviously, there will be times when you have to steer your toddler away from something they don’t need. In this case, I would often use the “Yes, and” approach. For example: “Yes, it’s a plant and we can touch it but we can’t dump the dirt out. The plant needs it to live.”  or  “Yes, you can have a cookie and we’ll eat our sandwich first.” Of course, I said “no” to my kids and still do, but I wanted to make sure that they feel safe to ask and that they know the answer will often be yes. With other people, we can focus on the positive when we interact with them and say yes to them when it’s right for us.

There you have it, a manifesting plan for babies or just a way to help support other people’s high vibrations. We can’t vibrate for someone but we impact the vibration of people we connect with and I believe we impact our children’s vibrations more than anyone else except themselves. So set them up for success.

After all, some people teach multiplication facts to babies, why not teach them a skill that will really impact their lives? At least, we can set them up to feel safe and loved and let them take it from there.

Do you have tips and tricks that you use to help your children raise their vibrations? I’d love to hear them!