Manifesting with Mood Swings

Hi, there!

I wanted to share with you today, from my personal experience, what I call manifesting with mood swings, a story of how I fought my natural body and the cycle of my body for years because I didn’t understand it. And then when I understood it, learned how to work with it, how that shifted things for me greatly. I used to call myself mini bi-polar because I would be really, really productive and go in gang-busters and focused on my goals for about two weeks and then it would start to taper off and then for two weeks, I’d be like I just want to curl up here with good book and chill. Then, that energy would come back. This cycle would connive over and over. I was frustrated with myself and every time, I was in the “up” top of the cycle, it would be like,  ‘Yeah. I’m awesome. I’m  going to keep going like it’s all the time.”  Then I’d crash and I’ll be like, “Oh. I’m not productive,” and I would be struggling to be cranking out, creative materials and doing things and then all of a sudden I go back up. For years, I just fought this. I thought of it as wrong and then as I worked on my spiritual growth practices, I started realizing fighting this has not worked. I’ve done that for years and this patterns continues. So what if I worked with it?”

I started thinking, “I know for about two weeks out of a month, I’m going to be super productive. In about two weeks, I’m going to be more mellow,” so I stared scheduling where I would do a lot of my intense work– like nowadays, it’s writing blogs,  videoing, doing podcasts during those two weeks. And then during the next two weeks I’m doing more meditation, more introspection, more planning, more coming up with ideas, and then the next two weeks I implement. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything during those slower two weeks, but I just try to do my more intense work for those two weeks and for the slower weeks, I schedule less.  I did this for several years, and then I learned from astrology classes and other study. And at some point in time it clicked to me– and probably even more and more so over the past year because I switched from using a traditional calendar to using a lunar calendar. So with a lunar calendar you flip your page over on the new moon. Not on the first day of the month, on the new moon. And it goes by moons. By doing that I got more in-sync with the moon, and I started thinking the cycle of my creativity, my productivity, went with the cycle of the moon.

When the new moon came, and the moon was waxing – growing bigger each day – that’s when I was more productive naturally. And that is a time of expansion, it’s a time for productivity. I found out that my cycle follows the moon’s cycle, and your cycle might too. Which is why I’m sharing this with you. On the new moon, for two weeks the moon is waxing and growing bigger and that’s an expansive, creative time. Then you get to the full moon and then the moon begins to wane and gets smaller every night until you come back to another new moon. So those two weeks are for more inner work, and introspection and planning, and kind of, not hibernating, but going more into yourself, more into your inner life and then the other time is more outer.
That worked so well for me. It’s totally changed my perspective because I’m not beating myself up anymore and I’m getting so much more done. So this may or may not work for you but you may want to consider your own natural cycles whether or not they line up with the lunar cycle. I created a little magical lunar planner for those of you who’re interested in playing with this. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. If you have ups and downs in your productivity that you’ll stop beating yourself up with it and look at your pattern– your pattern might be different but I think a lot of people follow this lunar pattern.  Work with what is instead of trying to make yourself follow a different cycle that’s just not your cycle. Also, if you want more information I recorded a longer podcast on this, too.

Namaste & Hugs,