5 Tips to Break Manifestor’s Block


You know that basic rule of the law of attraction, “You  have to feel like you already have it to attract it.” Pretty basic stuff. Right? Like attracts like. We know this.

What do you do when you don’t feel the feeling of having the life you desire? When you aren’t feeling passionate about creating anything? You want to create but you’ve got manifestor’s block. Nothing is happening and you aren’t getting any good feelings that magic is on its way.

First of all , we know we are always manifesting but when we feel “blah” it’s hard to believe what we want is on its way. We want passion, zip and zest for life but it’s not there. What do you do when your old go-to techniques no longer hold the juice they once did? How do you get your manifesting mo-jo back?

Here are my 5 tips for breaking manifestor’s block:

1. Forget about it. Don’t try to use any techniques. Just go about you day and do something that doesn’t require much thought if possible. Ideas may begin to pop into your head for inspired actions while you are cleaning out your closet or you might just realize that there is nothing left to do but wait for the time buffer to catch up with you.

2. Spend a Day in Service. Focus on doing for others. Volunteer at a charity in your neighborhood. Help out a friend. Go on Facebook and write compliments on ten random friends pages. Give away things you no longer need on freecycle.org. If you focus on making others happy, it will almost always rub off on you and raise your vibration too.

3. Consider Following a New Desire. Do you really want what you are trying to create or does it just seem like the next logical step or what everyone else thinks you should be aiming for? Maybe you need to follow your true heart’s desire to get your excitement back. Maybe, your goal is right for you but you’re resisting and if you let go and focus on something else for a while,  you’ll make a space to let it in.

4. Enlist Help. My go-to helpers are angels. I offer them assignments daily  and I also look to my higher self, the universe and God. If you delegate some of your tasks to the non-physical, it can lighten up your thoughts and allow you to let indoor desires more easily. Real people are great helpers, too. In our digital age, we don’t often to time just to get together with a friend and chat and it can be a huge vibe shifter.

5. Remember Manifestor’s Block is not real. It’s just a story you made up. So start telling the story of how everything you desire is on its way to you,  how you easily manifest a magical life every day and how life keeps getting better and better. Tell a story that gets you enthusiastic about the possibilities.

How do you get excited and engaged again after you feel like your desires aren’t coming fast enough? I’d love to hear you comments and suggestions.