Maybe the Universe is Bored

Complete boredom

Things not going your way? Feeling Stuck?  You are doing everything you are supposed to do, but you aren’t creating what you want in your life?

Maybe the Universe is Bored!

That’s right. If you aren’t excited and passionate about your life, chances are the Universe isn’t either. If you are choosing to go after goals that don’t light you up, angels are probably not scurrying about rushing to make them happen.  The universe doesn’t respond well to whining or desperation either.

So what does the universe respond to?  What gets the manifesting wheels moving?

Here are Three Ways to Excite the Universe and Wake Up Your Manifesting:

1. Follow Your Passions: You know that dream that makes you heart skip a beat just thinking about it? That’s the one to go for. It will bring you and the Universe to life.  If you just trying to meet this months bills or get a job you don’t really care about, chances are no one is going to be excited. No you and certainly not the universe.

2. Take Inspired Action:  You don’t have to know how to get all the way to your goal, but take every little step you can.  It not only leads you to the next step, but it tells the Universe that you are serious this time and it will wake up and take attention. Just make sure it’s fun action that feels good.  If it makes sense to take an action, but it doesn’t feel right or exciting, try a different action. Maybe going out to lunch will give you an opportunity to meet someone who can help you get a job even better than mailing out resumes.

3. Do Things Differently:  Even if we are following a dream that excites us, sometimes we get in a rut and start doing things that same way.  Try a different manifesting technique or way to mediate. Maybe even try a brand new approach to your goals. Be open to new ways to meet people, make money, etc. If you don’t know were to start, just drive home by a different route or use your non-dominate hand for an hour, then think of other ways to shake things up.

Chances are if you are excited about the possibilities in your life so is the Universe. One of the best ways to spark your manifesting is to do what gets you excited. If you are having trouble getting passionate about your own goals,you might find someone who is excited about theirs and pitch in a help them. You’ll pick up some of that energy for yourself and who knows where it’ll lead.

One Last Suggestion:

Take some time to make a list of everything you love and keep adding to it over time. Add everything you love to do, eat, watch, read, etc.  Having a list of things that excite you can be great for jump starting your dreams. Looking over this list might give you the perfect idea for a new business to start or a family vacation to plan.  It’s a great tool to have when you need a reminder or some inspiration for “what next.”

Don’t be afraid to go all out when you follow your dreams, put a little sprinkles and a cherry on top and have fun creating your life!  It might help you attract everything you want.


  • marina says:

    great points! I always use the last one – doing things differently. Also this week on my breaks, I was doing what I really wanted to do:-)

  • jessica says:

    these are all really great ideas. I enjoyed reading this, thank you 🙂

  • Michelle, this reminds me of the story of Hay House author Jennifer Grace. She was consumed by her desire to manifest a career in coaching, and nothing was working. It was only when she decided to take a break and go for coffee that she met her first three customers (who were in line buying coffee too!) Thank you for the inspiring post.

    • Cloris, I hadn’t heard that one, but Jeannette Maw, The Good Vibe coach, shares a similar story of how she landed a client at her old job when she decided to “slack off” and go out to lunch since things weren’t going well. She met the client in the elevator on the way back. I guess we just have to follow our intuition and not logic. 🙂

  • Hi Michelle.

    I stumbled upon your site from Google. This is great stuff you have here! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading more of your great words.

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