Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life? Feb. 11, 2013

It’s Monday and time to rave.  I hope you all had a fabulous week last week and are looking forward to this one.  If you don’t know about raving, you can check out Lola Jones, who taught me to do it, or my first post about raving.  I’ve been sharing some of my personal raves and asking to everyone to share their personal raves, but I thought I would  start to share some good news to rave about that impacts us all.  If you have any you’d like me to share that inspired you send me an e-mail so I can put it in a future post. This week I’m gong to share a video from Lola Jones, which is a great example of how to rave.  Hope you enjoy and are inspired.


Here’s my list for this past week:

1. A photographer friend took some gorgeous pictures of my children.
2. My husband and two of my daughters enjoyed the daddy/daughter danc.e
3. I enjoyed some nice sunshine in my backyard.
4. My twins both qualified for the gifted program at their school.
5. A good friend and babysitter doesn’t surgery and the mass they saw is not there now!
6. I had a nice lunch with a friend for her birthday.
7.  I’m getting used to WordPress and starting to really like it.
8. I’m signed up to take a class at Good Vibe Astrology and excited to learn how to do astrological charts.
9. I’m enjoying watching my daughter create some cool clay creations and I’m helping her set up an  Etsy store.
10. I’m back to my old habit of having lunch with my grade school kids every Friday.  I missed it!

I’d love to hear what you are raving about this week. To prove it, I’m giving away one of my Angel Card readings (see service page) to one of my commenters during the month of February. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around February 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and e-mail me if you’re the winner. If you like my Facebook page in the box on the right side, I’ll put your name in twice.




  • psgrout says:

    MIchelle, I love your website–it’s gorgeous. And what a fun video from Lola Jones. Thanks for turning me on to that. I love the idea of raving. In fact, I already do rave, but never had a name for it. I get up every morning and proclaim, “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today.” And it always does.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle Dobbins says:

      Pam, Thanks! Designer blogs made it look just like I wanted it to. Lola is great. I’ve taken several of her online courses and she is a fun lady who knows her stuff. I love your morning proclamation! What a wonderful way to start your day. 🙂

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