Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life? – September 30, 2013

Michelle with SCBWI award

Happy Monday! Here in South Carolina we are enjoying beautiful fall weather. I hope you are enjoying nature whatever season you are in. Magdalen Fossum’s voice has me raving this week. she gives me the good kind of chills singing imagine.  I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Here’s my rave list for the week:

1. I love that I was able to attend the SCBWI Carolina’s conference this weekend and learn from some writers I have long admired.

2. I love that I was presented my third place award in the illustrated book category! It was exciting to win something and to get that outward sign that my writing is on the right track.

3. I love that my husband was able to come with me and we got to spend some time together in the evenings, watch movies and chat.

4. I love that my kids are having so much fun making leaf collections and identifying all the leaves. I love that there’s a cool app that you can use to identify leaves. I love technology.

5. I love that we got to spend the day last Friday at an apple orchard picking apples. There’s nothing like a fresh picked apples and we were able to sample so many varieties and we have lots left over for fall baking.

6. I love that we will be heading to WV to spend the Forest Festival with family.

7. I love that I’m so inspired and excited to work on my writing again. Ideas are just flooding in.

8. I love that I remained calm last week when my computer crashed and my Quickbooks files were “corrupted.” I just knew it was going to be fine and it was.

9. I love that I decided to give my body a break from sugar because it felt right to me. After a month sugar-free,  I have lots of energy and I have lost 15 pounds.

10. I love that I found Dr. John’s simply xyltol sugar-free and healthy caramel so I can have one of my favorite treats with out eating sugar.



  • Michelle, congratulations on the illustrated book award! Awesome news! And I also stopped eating processed foods/sugary items, and feel great. Try sprinkling cinnamon on beans and pumpkin–what a sweet and yummy taste!

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