Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life, July 29. 2013



Happy Monday! That’s Lilly, our puppy,  up there. She’s 10 weeks old now and growing fast and she’s added a lot of fun to our lives. What’s going right in your life today?  I hope you have a long list of raves that’s growing everyday!  Focusing on that list is one of the best ways to make it get longer.  My list is wonderful, but I’m working to change my story that I’m overwhelmed with tasks and I don’t have time. I know I can find tons of ways  to feel better about my time and  I’m focusing on all those good stories now.

I love that new, wonderful ideas are available to us and I love this flashlight that works of the heat of the human hand was made by a 15 year old.  It “lights” me up to think of all the awesome, easy solutions that are out there waiting for us to discover them!

Here’s my list for the week:

1. I love that we found a perfect schooling solution for our children and just in the nick of time. I have to put together all the necessary documents quickly, but it will be worth it to have a wonderful solution that works for us all. They can do their school at home and while traveling with an online school support system! Yeah!

2. I love that my kids are having fun at roller skating camp this week and that they had fun this summer trying out so many different activities.

3. I love that I had a fun lunch with my daughter and her friend. I love that she is a brave girl and tried crawfish and octopus!

4. I love that we are continuing to enjoy lots of fresh fruits and vegetable from the local farmers market.  I love berry season!

5. I love that I am picking fresh raspberries and blackberries of bushes that I planted just a few years ago.

6. I love that our puppy, Lilly, is integrating into our family life and we are having so much fun with her.  I love how excited she gets to go wake up the kids in the mornings with her kisses and how much they love that.

7. I love that Kim Falconer is coming out with a new series of books!  I love her writing, so I’m very “Syked” to read her new books.

8. I love that I just had my award-winning, picture book manuscript critiqued by a fabulous editor and now it’s about ready to submit to agents and publishers.

9. I love that Pam Grout’s book e-squared has made the New York Times Best Seller list. It’s well-deserved and she intended it!  So glad to see one of my favorite books and authors on the list.

10. I love that even though my life is busy right now, it’s easy to make a list of wonderful things to rave about. I know I’ll never get it all done, so I might as well enjoy the journey.

I’d love to hear what you are raving about.  To prove it, I’m giving away a Facebook “manifesting plan” to one of my commenters during the month of July. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around Aug 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and message me on my Facebook page. Once you tell me what you want to create, I’ll create a personal manifesting plan for you and we’ll make sure it feels good to you.

Transforming through Love and Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins


  • Laura says:

    I’m RAVING that by setting an intention to have more wealth (in all areas) I have manifested a job with one of my neighbors (and another neighbor endorsed me and complimented me to her!) AND I’m now going to be bartering for coaching sessions with my writing sessions!! I have so much love in my life, a best friend in my mother and two other excellent friends who would help me with anything (and, of course, it goes both ways). I’m raving over Pandora radio!…I could go on and on!

  • Joy says:

    Lily is so precious!

    When I feel overwhelmed, I use the affirmation “I have more than enough time to create and connect with all that is meaningful to me”…and then I do *grin*.

    I love that we can change our story when we wish to…and I love that mine is changing, now in wonderful ways I couldn’t have fathomed but are right here at my fingertips…I love that I have the opportunity to be home with my kids and enjoy Summer together….I love the creative expression and connection I share through Facets and I love that I have such depth and range to my ability to love!

    • Joy, Thanks for that reminder! I love that affirmation and I’m going to use it plus some other new stories to help me find time to do all I love plus time to spare. Thanks for all your share through Facets.

  • Hemal Radia says:

    There are so many fantastic things happening to be grateful for.

    I also wanted to say what a beautiful gratitude and energy filled post – wonderful to hear about the great things happening, Michelle!

    Have a beautiful day!

  • Hemal Radia says:

    And you too, Michelle! Yes a day away, I’m in the UK 🙂

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