Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life?- October 21, 2013

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Happy Monday! I’ve been back on the road again. We spent the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with our children and now I’m packing to head out a 4:00 AM on a school trip to DC with my daughter. Luckily, I like to travel, but I’ll be looking forward to doing it a little less in a few weeks. I’m ready to settle in and focus on work for a while. I love being at home, too!  Hope your week is going fabulous.  I saw this video a few weeks ago of the Cup Song in Gaelic and it made me smile.  Hopefully, it’ll do the same for you.

Here’s my rave list for the week:

1. I love that my sweet twins are 9 years old today. It seems like just yesterday they were born. They add so much to our family and I love the close relationship that they share.

2. I love that we were able to spend the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge and that the kids had so much fun! They had a blast doing Magiquest and swimming in the water park.

3. I loved watching my daughter get so excited when she won a 1000 tickets at the arcade.  She bought a rainbow snake and she was so delighted with it.

4. I’m so excited to go on this trip to DC with my oldest daughter.  I don’t often get to spend time with her alone without her younger siblings and I’m looking forward to this special opportunity.

5. I love that we were able to watch my cousin’s son on Cutthroat Kitchen last night. He is such a talented chef and has one of the best attitudes of anyone I know.

6. I love that we were able to go to the local History museum and learn about Native Americans last week. My kids enjoyed making items from clay and doing an archeological “dig.” It was very hands-on and fun learning.

7.I love that the fall weather is so gorgeous here and we’ve been enjoying walking Lilly, our puppy,  through the neighborhood and looking at all the leaves.

8. I love that my husband is going to get to have some great times with just him and our youngest three children while me and their sister are in DC.  I know they will have lots of fun with dad.

9. I love that I have so many exciting projects to work on next month when we are traveling a little less (still a few trips though) and I hope to stay put for the entire month of December!

10. I love all the wonderful people I get to connect with through this site and on social media.  I get excited knowing how many awesome, positive thinkers are on our planet raising the collective vibration every day!

I’d love to hear what’s going right for you or any other comments you may have.  To prove it, I’m giving away a Facebook “manifesting plan” to one of my commenters during the month of October. I’ll put everyone’s name in and choose a winner to be announced here around Nov. 1st. Then I’ll email the winner with the details if I have access to their e-mail or you can check back here around the first and message me on my Facebook page. Once you tell me what you want to create, I’ll create a personal manifesting plan for you and we’ll make sure it feels fabulous to you!

Transforming though Love and Joy,

Michelle Martin Dobbins


  • Vicki says:

    I love that we have relocated to Australia and have been able to find a house, work and great connections very quickly.I am grateful my daughter is coming to visit us here at Christmas. I also love that you are sharing your homeschooling resources, they motivate me and give me great ideas.

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