Monday Raves: What’s Going Right in Your Life? September 16, 2013

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Happy Monday! Hope everyone is doing well.  I am feeling a lot of powerful emotions right now, so this won’t be my normal Monday Raves post.  I had some upheavals in my children’s school and emotions churning about some decisions I wanted to make over the past week. Then, yesterday, our next door neighbor passed away suddenly. Our husband had just been in our neighbor’s yard talking to him an hour before and unexpectedly, he had a heart attack and was gone. He is only one year older than my husband.  He was a genuinely nice man and his whole family are wonderful people.  He had two children, one a junior in high school and one a sophomore in college, who still lived at home. We aren’t close to them, but we chat with them in the neighborhood and we help each other out by watching each others pools and houses when we are out-of-town. I can’t say why but I’m just over-run with really deep sadness right now. One reason is that I tend to, as many people do, pick up on the emotions of people around me. I have learned to control it a lot and let go of feelings that aren’t mine, but this seems to link to some strong emotions that I need to feel.

I know that I have a lot to rave about in my life and things are getting better every day. But today, I’m going to be sweet to myself and let myself honor what I’m feeling. I know that the list of raves is in me, but I just can’t connect with them at this moment. I’m sure I will soon enough. Who knows, I may feel better in an hour. For now, I’m honoring how I where I am, but I would LOVE to hear what you are raving about and I hope to add my own list soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like some more uplifting reading, check our Kristin Michelle Brown’s fabulous post on changing your mood. Also, If you’d send our light, love, prayers, or any kind of positive energy to my nieghbors, I would greatly appreciate it.


Michelle Martin Dobbins

  • Joy says:

    I feel you. I had an emotional weekend…the most unexpected emotion is seven years…and I am quite centered and present…and I have heard this from other empaths…so I don’t usually buy into collective consciousness energy, but I do think something had been there this weekend…I am so glad you are being sweet and gentle with your self…I know your neighbor’s physical passing must be jarring…and also what a wonderful energetic guide is now able to be…

    My daily whisper (for my community) is written ahead and today it was “When you choose Love, it matters”. Yes. It does. So, here we are choosing Love–and sometimes it’s scary because it leads to new places and new heart spaces opening, but it matters, far more than we can know. That is what I am holding onto today…My Monday rave: the sun is shining, the skies are blue, my children are healthy, and I have love in my heart…the rest will continue to align with that. Love and gratitude to you for being you!

  • Thank you for sharing your loving self Michelle. Feeling the emotions from others, even as we feel our own, can act as a powerful and beautiful reminder that we are all interconnected. And when we are connected, but not attached with the same intensity that someone else is, I believe it can even be loving to hold some of it for them…I am sending peace to all concerned…

    Ease and flow,

    Julie Masters

  • Laura says:

    Know that we are sending love, Divine energy, and thoughts of ease to your neighbor’s family and to you & your family. So great that you are noticing what you are feeling and being gentle with yourself as you let that energy move. I am going to rave about what a wonderful, loving being you are, Michelle, on this planet- such a blessing to your family, to your friends, to your neighbors, and to so many folks on this planet. I love reading your posts, and I love being able to forward on such goodness to others.

  • Hello Michelle. I am sorry to hear about your neighbor. It is always different when these things happen out of the blue so to speak. These things tend to make me reevaluate life and the path of our souls more when they happen. I am sending peace and love to your family and your neighbor’s family. i also know that God and the Universe is with you and guiding you in your decisions with your children. Your are a very soul and spirit connected person, so there is no question in my mind that no matter what is happening you are and will be guided.

    What am I raving about? I find myself being more open to God’s plan in life daily. I am even going back and moving on things that I may not have trusted enough to move on in the past, along with moving right on my signs come my way now.

    Thank you for sharing and being a bright light in this world.

    Peace and Blessings my friend,


  • Thank you for sharing, Michelle. Love and light to your family and your neighbor’s family. I applaud your courage to feel these difficult emotions and being compassionate, kind and empathetic to the difficulties of others. I believe that sadness, appreciation, joy, happiness are all part of the yin and yang of life and sitting with the emotion instead of resisting it and as you so well put it…honoring your true feelings…is such a compassionate and gentle way. I have had similar experiences when waves of sadness washed over me and over the years I have come to realize that there is great courage and strength in the “maitreyi” or the friendship or the oneness of all humanity and life. Feeling the sadness of others and deeply empathizing with their position is the very first step of awareness of the process of uplifting and shining them some light. You are a great inspiration and light and I thank you for writing such an honest and heartfelt post.
    Peace and richest blessings,

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