Mundane or Magic, You Decide


A day is just a container,

Just a container of 24 hours you have been given

You can put whatever you choose into your container

You DO NOT have to put all the same stuff you put into your container that put in yesterday, unless you desire to

You can deliberately shake it up
Change the order
Change the contents
Change your thoughts about it
Set new intentions

Invite your ancestors to tea
Sit with their energy and yours
And decide

Design your day with Alchemy
Step into being the you that you choose to be

Every morning­­­­—and as many times a day as you need to—decide what goes in your container

The rest of the world will not get it

They have forgotten that they oversee their containers
They hold them out for society to dump whatever in
Should dos
Lackluster jobs
Flu Shots
Surface relationships
Bars no one wants to jump
Smalltalk from hell

They will attempt to dump their stuff in your basket
if you let them

You don’t have to put anything in your basket you don’t chose

For God’s Sake put that shitty office party back on the shelf and go wand shopping instead.

Actually, you are the wand. The divine spark is in you.

You are the one that makes the magic.

You may have a routine but it doesn’t have to be mundane.
You can walk with your ancestors.
You can walk with Jesus.
You can walk with the Goddess.
You can burn sage.
You can meditate
You can step into the energy of the you that you know you’re are meant to be

You can intend every day to be present and to guard your container.
You are the gatekeeper.
Allow in connection, beauty and presence.

At times, there will be pain and sadness but there will also be joy and bliss
–either way, when you control your container-
there is meaning and love

and that is all that matters.

Namaste & Hugs,