My Favorite Coaches, Healers and Tools to Support a Magic Life

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My Favorite Coaches, Healers, Books and Tools:

When you start on a path of spiritual growth support of all kinds is helpful. I’ve used everything including books, in-person classes, online classes, healing, group coaching and one-on one coaching. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Coaches & Programs & Services:

Jeannette Maw: Jeannette was the first coach I found online and my absolute favorite. She is the go-to girl for law of attraction and she takes the high road in everything she does which attracts the best people to her. I participated in group coaching, classes and email coaching from her over the years as well as membership in her Good Vibe University. Anything Jeannette teaches is top-notch.

Lisa Marie Hayes: I’ve been a member Lisa’s Charismatic Women’s Group for several years now. The topics and the group are fabulous. It’s alway something delightful. Each time she announces a new program I get excited. She’s, also, the go-to relationship expert if you need one.

Janette Dalgliesh:  I adore her star maps. The solar return is my favorite and her identity shift work is fabulous as well. You can’t go wrong plus listening to her fabulous accent is so much fun and her enthusiasm is contagious! If you need help planning out your next year, get in touch with her.

Leonie Dawson:* I’ve been a member of Leonie’s Biz and life academy for about 3 years now and I love everything she teaches. It’s especially awesome if you have an online business. I also love, love, love her yearly workbooks and planners.*

Kim Falconer: She does the best astrology readings  I’m not sure they are available now) but you can learn astrology from her and Jeannette Maw at Good Vibe Astrology. Kim is a magic lady and she knows her astrology and how to work it from a law of attraction perspective. Plus, her Quantum Enchantment and Quantum Encryption fiction series are one of the best fiction reads out there and will rise your vibration while you read.

Stella SeaSpirit: Her Zero to Witch course is amazing and will get you in touch with your witchy side even if you don’t identify with that word. It’s just another way to play with universal life energy and Stella knows her stuff. Her meditations are magical, as well as all of her offerings. I’ve had the astral alignment and could feel the results for weeks.

There are tons of other fabulous teachers and coaches out there, so if these ones aren’t for you, look and find someone who is. You can even check out my Magical Life Manifesting Club or Mentoring, too. These ladies are all ones I can unequivocally recommend because I have personally worked with them and paid for their services and they are magical!


Classic Favorites:

Happiness is a Choice* by Barry Neil Kaufman: I pull this book off the shelf anytime I’ve gotten off track and need to get my happy back. It works every single time and I’ve read my dog-eared copy quite a lot. Bears (Barry’s nickname) is the bomb. I love everything he stands for and the Option Institute he and his wife run looks incredible. I haven’t been yet  but its on my list.

You Can Heal Your Life* by Louise Hay: You can’t go wrong with this classic. It’s easy to read and spot on. It’s another book that I read over and over. Louise Hay walks her talk and her techniques work. She’s 89 and still making a difference in the world and living her dream life.

Dynamic Laws of Prosperity* by Catherine Ponder: Any book by Catherine Ponder will give you affirmations galore and I love them. She writes from a Christian perspective but you don’t have to be Christian to benefit from her wisdom. She a wealth of information on creating a prosperous happy life.

New favorites:

The I Am Discourses, Volume 3* Saint Germain channeled by Guy W. Ballard: This is actually an old classic that I had misgivings about reading. Now that I’m reading it, I find that it has some truly priceless gems and truths contained in it. However, as with any book, I chose to focus on what aligns with me and leave the rest. I believe some of what is said comes from the channel and not Saint Germain. There are chapters that talk about sexual activity as bad for spiritual growth when I believe it can be a vehicle for spiritual growth and a form of meditation in itself. Even though, I disagree with about 20 percent of the book the other 80 percent is so good that it’s well worth your time.

Wishes Fulfilled* By Wayne Dyer: This is my first Wayne Dyer book. I resisted reading his work for a long time but was called to read this one. In it he mentions both the I Am Discourses, Volume 3 and Dying to Be Me which I happened to be reading at the same time so like a big synchronicity for me. The book is amazing and I have been meditating every day with the I Am Wishes Fulfilled meditation music.

Dying to Be Me*  by Anita Moorjani: I resisted reading this book thinking it was just another Near Death Experience book and I’d read enough them. However, I listened to the audio book and Anita’s soothing voice alone was worth the listen in itself but her NDE and the beliefs she brought back from the experience totally line up with my beliefs and I felt it confirmed my path for me. I highly recommend it.

E-Cubed:Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig* by Pam Grout: Any book by Pam is worth your time. She is a delightful lady and if you try her experiments with an open mind  you will experience magic in your life.


Sharon Bridwell: Sharon is a healer, teacher and psychic. She got me through a tough month in my life this year and her advice was spot on and amazing. I went to see her at her office since she lives local to me but I’ve also had phone sessions and they are just as wonderful!

Lanaiya King: Lanaiya is an incredible healer. She uses toning and her intuition to heal and each session with her is a new journey and gift. I feel light as a feather for weeks after a phone session with Lanaiya.

Fiverr Healers:

One-on-one help on a budget? Yes, yes, yes! it’s only 5 bucks to check out some fabulous services and healers. Here are three of my favorites:

JULES2013: Jules does Emotion Code sessions and I always feel free and light after she’s done her magic. She gives you a nice report and tells you want emotions she’s focused on. Emotion Code is an energy work method created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

REIKIMASTERSAMI: He does a fabulous Theta healing via remote and I can always feel the energy. Plus, he gives a nice report of what he perceived while doing the healing.

MAEDAN: Maedan sends positive energy and casts spells. I just love her energy and the positive messages she shares. She will give you a report with amazing advice and her energy channel mp3.

There are even more healers on Fiverr and where else can you get energy healing for five dollars! These are just the three that I’ve used multiple times and can recommend.


Vibes-Up:* I love any product that raises my vibration or helps keep it high, so I have lots of goodies from the Vibes-Up shop with many more on my wish list to try.

I keep one of these coasters on my nightstand to keep my water bottle filled with high vibes plus my kids and I all have one of their Pocket Harmonizers in our pillow cases and usually in our pocket. They have lots of other really cool vibe-lifting products, too, from earthing sandals to bras and cell phone cases. I’m looking forward to trying out more of their products in 2016. They have super sales and giveaways quite often so you might want to get on their mailing list.


Leonie’s Shining Year Planner’s & Journal:IMG_9061

This will be my 3rd year using Leonie’s planners and I’ve made so much magic in my own life since I started using them that I am an affiliate and I’m giving away a free class and a chance to win one-on-one goal mentoring with me to everyone who purchases through my link. Since I started using them, I’ve published best-selling Amazon ebooks, traveled to Mexico and Italy with my family, paid off bills, connected with wonderful people, finally tried zip lining, arial yoga, and salt cave therapy. It’s been a tool that keeps me on track for living my dream life and I know it can help you,too!

Free Facebook Group: No matter how you decide support yourself increasing a magical life that you love, you’re welcome to join in my free Create Your Magical 2016 Facebook group. We will support each others visions and help keep ourselves accountable to focusing on where we want to go and taking inspired actions. I’d love to have you along.

If you know any fabulous coaches, classes, books, healers or tools you’ve used and loved, please share in the comments. We all benefit by connecting with as many fabulous people and products as we can. I, myself, already feel a part two coming because there are so many that I love that I’ve left out and more and more people and tools keep coming to mind as I try to close this out.

Disclosure:  Please note that a few of the links above are affiliate links ( the ones with the *), and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking these links. Most of the links are not affiliate links and all of them are products or services that I personally have purchased and loved.

  • Hi from Australia Michelle! This is great! I had no idea about Fiverr healers, what a great resource. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Nada Howarth about a year ago. I had a chronic back injury and was on my way to surgery when we connected. In one skype session she assisted in healing me. I sheepishly had to return to my doctor 3 months later and tell him I did not need to see him any more. She can be found at I am a reader of the
    work of Wayne Dyer and recommend “The Power of Your Intentions”. My family and I have been on a 4 month house sitting road trip and I pick up books everywhere ( thrift stores, yard sales, for free on book shelves) and I found Wayne’s first book “Your Erroneous Zones” which I had never read but am so glad I did.It is dated but relevant. I have also been moving through Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Law of Prosperity”, I read Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and my absolute fave on this trip has been Sonia Choquette’s book on “Balancing Your Chakras”. All of these books have changed my life and perspective since I found them. Happy New Year Michelle!


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