My Favorites from 2017


I always love to share what I’m raving about and even though 2017 was a tough year in many ways, I still have lots of favorites to rave about. (Some of the links marked with an asterick are affiliate links and if you purchase after clicking I may receive a percentage)

       Favorites from 2017


 Love 2.0 *


This book wasn’t always easy for me. I listened to the audiobook and had to listen to a little bit at a time but the truth contained is worth your time. The science behind love and how to have more of it in our lives is life-altering. The practices described will change you at a deep level. It’s magic and science that creates more love and positivity all around.

Changing the Habit of Being Yourself* 

Dr. Joe has elevated my meditations and my resolve to spend more time in meditation to a new level. His work and the outcomes he and his students have are amazing. I highly recommend getting the meditations that go with this book and immersing yourself.

Becoming Supernatural*

Even more goodness from Dr. Joe. I love the meditations and true stories in this book. It will expand your mind as to what is possible when you focus on what you want and take the time to do the meditations.



Lisa describes witches as wise women and healers and believes that all women are witches. She believes it’s time to take the word back and allow ourselves to tap back into our true power and intuitive natures. It’s badass and it’s awesome.


The Little Book of Hygge*

This book came into my life just as I was realizing it is time for me to slow down and savor. It is a delightful tome on how to create comfort for yourself and others. It espouses creating a sense of well-being and closeness. I love the coziness of it and I feel this is going to serve me well during my steadfast year of 2018.

The Book of Alchemy*  

This book found me and while I read through it in 2017, in 2018 I will begin to slowly follow the steps within. Alchemy is a steadfast process. Methodical and mystical. If you are interested in spiritual or practical alchemy this is the book. Francis Melvilles’s books are all awesome and somewhat hard to come by at a cover price.

Charmed and Dangerous*

If you like paranormal romance, you can’t go wrong with Debbie Herbert! This is the first book from her three book Appalachian Magic series which is one of my favorites. Debbie is a friend of mine and also one of my favorite authors. If you want to escape and enjoy a fun romance with a little metaphysical flair, you can’t go wrong with Debbie’s books! She even has a mermaid trilogy which will make you a mermaid fan, if you aren’t already.


I love books. Physical books, digital books and audio books. I’ve been a huge fan of Audible for years now. I’m a member and I listen to audio books through Audible constantly using their app on my phone. Through this link you can get a free trial that includes two free audiobooks and I recommend Love 2.0 and Changing the Habit of Being Yourself from above. I listened to both of these on Audible and they were both wonderful but you can’t go wrong with any of their audio books.

Tarot Decks

Trick Or Tarot

I’m a fan of tarot and this deck is my new favorite. As a lover of Halloween and vintage art, this deck continually delights me. Plus, my readings with it seem to be spot on.

Epiphanies Tarot

I almost forgot this deck and I use it as much as the Halloween deck. Michele Andres’ create a new card each day and every deck is unique and perfect. I love the bright graphics and they always seem to give me the perfect inspiration as to their meaning. Epiphanies tarot is contemporary and fun and if you want to learn more about tarot look up Michele.



Rune Soup

Gordon White is a masterful interviewer and I love so many of his guests. I’ve learned so much this year from listening and then online stalking (only in a good way) every one of his guests. If you are interested in magic and the paranormal don’t miss it.

Hippie Witch: Magick for a New Age

JoAnna Devoe is a hoot. She is a book nerd who follows the traditional cycle of the year along with the law of attraction. What’s not to love? 

Ariel’s Druidic Craft of the Wise

I adore Ariel and his lectures on alchemy and magic. While he is currently not adding to his podcasts, there are 100 available episodes so you can still benefit from Ariel’s wisdom and charming personality. Even if you don’t subscribe to the Druidic Craft viewpoint, you’ll learn amazing tips for your own spiritual practice.


Alchemy & Ashes French Quarter VooDoo Soap

One of my weaknesses is handmade soap and this bar is my absolute favorite. I picked some up in a metaphysical shop while traveling and loved it so much I had to search and find it only line. Thank goodness, Alchemy and Ashes has an Etsy shop!

Filthy Cosmetic’s Healing Salve

My daughter got me hooked on Filthy Cosmetics. They are vegan and cruelty-free and I love supporting a female owned small business. Her bath bombs are divine but I love the healing salve. Aches and pains are history with the magic elixir. If you see something you like on her site, buy quickly as her products sell out quickly at times.

VibesUp Crystal Cream*

I’ve been a fan of VibesUp for years and this crystal cream is one of the staple items that I stock up on every time they have a sale. I never want to be without it.

doTerra Touch Emotional Aromatherapy*

I haven’t worn synthetic perfumes for about 5 years now. Sometimes the scents can be tempting but the energy of them just doesn’t feel good to me anymore. This doesn’t mean I can’t wear a scent though and most of the ones I wear are either small batch colognes I find on Etsy or metaphysical stores. Almost everything I wear is essential oil based and this little kit from doTerra has been my go to for the past 6 months. My favorites are Cheer and Motivate. They smell divine, are all natural and support my emotional well-being. I love doTerra products so much that I am one of their wellness consultants and you can purchase this kit and other oils on my DoTerra website. You’ll find this kit under collections and kits.

That’s my list. I’m sure I’m missing some but these are the first that come to mind of the books, podcast and products I’ve enjoyed in 2017. How about you? Please Share. Your favorites from 2017 might become our favorites in 2018!