My First Magical Experience

I’ve always been a believe of magic and wonder in our world. I believe God created it that way. I’m open to every one’s beliefs in God or lack thereof, but my spiritual beliefs are part of how I experience the magic of life. That doesn’t mean you can’t experience in your own way.

I first started on this path to enjoy and experience the magic of life to the fullest consciously when I was 22. My life had take a turn that brought me to me knees. I was searching for meaning. I started googling churches trying to find one that fit me and none of them felt right, but I needed a spiritual community to cling to. I was very much interested in angels at that time and I was driving one day trying to find a bookstore that had some angel cards that I wanted. I got lost and pulled into a parking lot to turn around. Once in the parking lot, I looked at the sign which read Unity Church and Metaphysical book store (not the bookstore I was looking for). I went in and from that point on my life changed. I began attednting the Unity and I learned to co-create with God. I had angels popping into my life everywhere. An angel pin appeared in my car and pictures of angels or the word angel began to show up everywhere. I felt real angels, too. The more I delighted in seeing them, the more they appeared.

It’s a cliche  but what you believe is really what you will see. So if you’re at the point in when life is not going the way you want it to, focus on where you are going, not where your are. If you are at a place where life is good, know that it can and will get even better. Either way be thankful for the things that are perfect right now and relax. All is well and the answers you seek are waiting for you.

Love and Magic,

  • Amen to that.

    I wish you well on your journey.

  • Thanks. Wishing the same for you! Namaste.

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