• If you have to have one, I saw that sell them on Amazon, too. Just search “no pen” 😜

  • Anne Izekor says:

    i would like some advice on how to stop pleaser people

  • Anne Izekor says:

    well I am going to make a serious commitment in my life and start saying no no all the time I am feed up with the yes all the time

    • You go, Anne! and remember, when you’ve had a habit of saying yes to things you want to say no to, sometimes we accidentally say yes again but don’t beat yourself up if that happens. You’ll get more and more aware of whether or not you want to say yes or no over time. Make yourself a sticky not or a sign that you can put on your bathroom mirror or somewhere that you will see it to remind you.It can say something like “I only say yes to things I want to do.” or “it’s ok to say no.” whatever sound best to remind you that you get to chose!

  • I wish you would please me and come see me πŸ˜‰!!!

  • I’m sending you a private message

  • I could use one of those for my puppy πŸ™‚

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