Is it OK?

Is it OK?

Is it OK to break the rules?

Is it OK to mess up and start over?

Is it OK to date the wrong guy or girl over and over?

Is it OK to quit a job you hate?

Is it OK play in the rain?

Is it OK to be afraid to apply for a job you think you’d love?

Is it OK to jump for joy when your neighbors are sad?

Is it OK to think negative?

Is it OK not to use sunscreen?

Is it OK to make money without working hard?

Is it OK to curse and throw things?

Is it OK to pretend to be someone you’re not?

Is it OK to not post on Facebook for a week?

Is it OK to take a vacation during the busy season?

Is it OK to not to meet your deadlines?

Is it OK to eat chocolate for breakfast?

Is it OK to try something new and fail?

Is it OK to crawl in your bed and pull the covers over your head for a day? Or a week?

Is it OK to feel depressed?

Is it OK to think things aren’t OK?

Is it OK to live fully and all out, even when things don’t always go right?

YES! YES! YES!  Whatever your asking yourself, the answer is YES, it’s all OK. So follow your heart and do what makes it sing, even if it’s not always the “right” thing.

Is it OK to ask other people their opinions? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Ask you heart and soul. Ask God and the Angels. Ask the Universe. Then do what you must. The “wrong” decisions often lead us to the right place, so make them when you need to. Live your life. The beauty of life is in living it.

If you have questions on your mind about where you want to go, know that whatever you’ve done or decide to do, it’s all going to be OK. You will always be loved and the BEST thing you can do for yourself is remember that you are OK and you are worthy of love. Right now. Right where you are. Always.

Is it OK that this post is not like what I normally write? YES, It feels right to me and it speaks to my heart.

Ultimately, it’s how we feel that is the best indictor of how our choices will turn it. I think it is great to make some “bad” choices and learn from the process who you really are and what you really want. Eventually, you’ll remember that you are OK and enjoy following you bliss that much more after any detours you took down dark alleys. So don’t over think it. Just live.

Here’s a post by Cloris Kylie about two people who know they are OK and are following their passions.  Guess what, their lives are totally different from each other and I bet they’ve both made lots of “wrong” choices, but when you follow what you love it doesn’t matter. You’ll get were you want to go and you’ll enjoy the ride.

I’d love to hear  what’s OK for you and any comments you have.

  • I left a very high-paying job to go off on my own. I absolutely disliked my job, but more than that was that I wanted peacefulness in my life, to rediscover myself again; I wanted to “feel” again (something I had lost while there). At the time, and looking back on that decision, I had no doubt that my choice to leave was okay, that it was the right thing to do.

    I am filled with tremendous peacefulness now, and it feels great. It has taken a couple years, but my goal for leaving that job has been achieved. Now, my focus is continue. To achieve even more each new day, and to continue on for the rest of my days. I will never allow myself to lose this part of me again.

  • Love this. Right on. Wherever we are right now, it’s okay. Self-acceptance is always okay. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Michelle, thank you for a beautiful, authentic post, and for mentioning my blog. It is eye-opening to realize that in the end, things aren’t right or wrong, they just “are.” So it’s all OK. Keep inspiring all of us with your writing (and your actions.)

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