How to Have a Peaceful Life and Home


Do you have a peaceful life and home? Do you feel at home in your own skin and in the abode that you live in? Have you set intentions to feel peace in your life and in your home

I have four children living in my home who keep it filled with quite a lot of energy, but it’s usually a pretty peaceful place. I’m not going to say my kids don’t have their moments, but they’re usually few and far between, anger and fighting is rare.

Recently for Thanksgiving here in the US, I had a house full of ten extra people. We have six, so we had 16 people in our house spending the night, spending the holidays, and we had total peace. Let’s just say that doesn’t always happen with family, so I wanted to share with you how I achieved that.


 First, I set an intention that we were going to have peace. I’ve been reading this book  It’s called The I AM Discourses which is Saint Germain channeled through Godfre Ray King. Whether or not you actually think that this book is channeled, there’s some really good personal growth and spiritual growth truths in this book. And I won’t say that I agree with everything in it 100%, but I found this passage that I was reading shortly before I was to have all this company, and it helped me come up with a really good intention and plan to focus a peaceful life with company. So I wanted to share that quote with you and then I’ll give you my plan.

It says, “As I suggested once before, I will consciously, at least once or more a day, stand on the floor and charge the home with this pure electric energy”, so basically just the energy of divine love, “and keep it charged, so that God’s very presence will keep out of the home, food, thought – any kind of presence or everything that is not in accordance with the desires here. I would suggest that whenever you find someone is coming”, as in, is coming to your home, “you take the consciousness, ‘I am the pure radiance of divine love enfolding these individuals, and this garment enfolds them when they come and when they leave.’ When you are the consciousness, you are conscious of this. You clothe them and they will wear this garment into the home and out of it, and for them, it will be a sustaining power. Those who come into your home are deserving of assistance, and this will enable them to receive the full assistance they desire and you will love to give.” –I AM Discourses Volume 3
All of us, when we have company coming to our home, we want them to feel loved. We want them to feel wanted and content. We want to give that to them. Sometimes, we just don’t know how, or we’re so afraid of possible conflict that we’re not going to be able to. My intention was just to make everyone who came to my house feel loved from the moment they got here until the moment they left. I won’t say that I achieved that 100% because sometimes I got into conversations and I later questioned myself, “Was my main intent to be loving or was my main intent to get my point across?” But for the most part, I focused on that intent and I found that everything just flowed.  We had a really nice time with all of my family members, and there was no disharmony or very, very little. If it was there, I didn’t feel it because my intent was to focus on the love.
For you, the takeaway is when you go through life,  if you’re wanting to set up a peaceful, harmonious home, set up that intention that everybody that comes in your home feels loved. And guess what, that includes you. Yes, you, okay? Because when you don’t give yourself that feeling of love, then it’s really hard. You burn out and you don’t have it to give to everybody else. Set yourself up to intend that everyone who comes to your house feels loved from the minute they come into the door and they take that love with them when they leave. That is a great way to set you up for a peaceful home environment. If you take that out into the world with you, that’s a great way to have a peaceful life because when you’re intending on making other people feel loved, usually that love is going to come back to you. It feels good. It feels peaceful.
I’m going to end this with a lyric from one of my favorite songs that we sing often at Unity churches. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” Wishing you a very peaceful day, week, year and  life ahead.