This Law of Attraction Practice Never Works

You knew this was at trick didn’t you? I bet you did. You are a savvy manifestor and you know that I would not focus my time telling what not to do or dissing any one practice. WHY?

Because it’s not the practice that matters, it’s how it makes you feel. No one practice never works.That’s a double negative, but you get the point. Any practice can work if it makes you feel aligned to what you want to manifest.

So if you do any of these, you most likely WON’T get the best results:

Say affirmations that don’t feel possible or give you a sick feeling in your gut

Put up a vision board but feel sad when you look at it and don’t believe any of the items on it will ever be a part of your reality

Play the pretend money game while bashing all the rich jerks who have no conscience

Chant mantras but keep checking your clock to see how soon you can stop and go watch Netflix

Sit in lotus pose and think about how much your neighbor’s unmoved lawn annoys you

What should you do instead? Good results come from good feelings. It’s pretty simple.

So if you are stuck, try:

taking a nap

calling a friend

watching netflix

thinking about anything that makes you smile (puppies, babies, wine…)

sitting on the deck with a cool drink

Once you are feeling better then add in some other practices if and when they feel good. Some people may look at spiritual growth and raising your vibration as work or a penance. I believe it should be fun and only practices that you enjoy will bring good results. Period. End of story.

So go have fun or take a nap. Anything that releases resistance and makes you feel better is the practice that always works.